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Powers and Abilities

Due to being the Disciple at Rypzanpaku, Kenichi is learning from each of the masters and with their unorthodox training methods he has gained a high level of skill in the 2 years that he has trained under them. Kenichi is learning a variety of styles including, Karate, Muy Thai, Jujitsu, Chinese Martial Arts, and Weapon styles. This gives Kenichi a wide range of techinques to use and makes him hard to read. At first most of Ragnarok figured he was karate trained, but Kenichi was able to catch them unaware, defeating Koga the Kicker by using Chinese Kung Fu and Takeda the Puncher with Muy Thai. Due to the unusual training Kenichi has become a capable martial arts, being able to defeat others around his age who have had more training and appear to have more innate talent. Kenichi is considered at the Expert level which is above Disciple, but below Master and specializes in Sei type martial arts where he uses his head to out think and out technique his opponents, remaining calm in order to find flaws in his opponents. His agility has increased to the point where he can move like Miu Furinji though she is still the faster one. In order to counter weapon users, particularly those from Yami, Hayato Furinji gave Kenichi a set of bracers that belonged to his son Saiga. Shigure refit these for Kenichi and the have a retractable piece to cover the back of the hand allowing freedom of movement. They are incredibly durable, being able to take hits from master class swordsman and not be scratched.


Jujitsu based attacks

  • Kuchiki Daoshi - A move where the user grabs an enemy's leg and lifts it up in order to make them fall. During Kenichi's fight with Thor Kenichi was able to fully lift the sumo wrestler off the ground using this move.

  • Idori - A move where the user sits down in an unguarded position and waits for the opponent to make a move where they then counter and place the opponent into submission.

  • Sumokudori - A jujitsu counter move where the user grabs the opponents arm, then places their arm at the back of the neck and trips the opponent with a sweep of the leg.
  • Ushiro Ukemi - The ability to land on your back when thrown by an opponent to minimize damage.
  • Oogoshi - A jujitsu move where the user lifts the opponent over the shoulder and slams them to the ground.
  • Shimewasa - A possibly lethal Jujitsu move where the user performs a fast spin in an attempt to cause a black out state by tossing the opponent.
  • Kuuchuu Tomoenage -The user jumps with both legs onto an opponents hips then does a backflip making the opponent fly behind them.

Karate based attacks

  • Yamazuki - A move illegal in sports matches where the user punches with the right hand towards the face and the left towards the stomach. Most Disciple level fighters never seen the second stomach shot and are hit while protecting their face.
  • Crane's Neck Blow - The User uses their hand to knock away a punch then with the same hand strikes the opponent under the chin.
  • Shiraha Nagashi - A karate defensive technique against armed martial artists.
  • Marba no Kamae - A traditional karate defense where the user crosses their arms to block incoming attacks.
  • Naizouage - A karate breathing technique that raises the users organs to the rib cage to protect internal damage
  • Sensen Body - The user constricts all their muscles to make it like steel to ward off attacks.
  • Meotoude - A trechnique where you move both of your hands together and do not seperate them so they both can be used to attack and defend.

Chinese Kenpo based attacks

  • Ugyuu Haito - A technique where once the user is kicked he will grab the opponents leg with both hands and smothers it with his chest and stomach in an attempt to break the leg.
  • Taiho Shouha - A counter move usable when the user is completly exhausted and where they use the opponents power against them.
  • Haigeki - A high speed tackle
  • Sotenshu - The double palm where the user stands close to the opponent and uses both open palms to push them away with great force.

Muy Thai based attacks

  • Kao Loi - A technique where the user grabs his opponent by the back of the head and brings their knee up into their face.
  • Apapunch - A powerful upright punch that with enough power will kill an ordinary man. Must be practiced for a long time to get to this point.
  • Chai Kick - A roundhouse kick to the head.
  • Ti Kau Kon - A technique where the user kicks towards the opponents face, but then uses his knee to hit the stomach area.
  • Geimon Tepii - A technique where the user jumps and knees the target in the head.

Weapon Style based attacks

  • Double Slash - A move where the user slashes twice downward upon their opponent. Kenichi uses a knife hand strike instead of using a sword for this move.

Furinji Style based attacks

  • Seikuken - A defensive technique where the user focuses on the extant of his reach and forms a sphere shield around himself.
  • Ryuusei Seikuken - The more advanced Seikuken that is reduced to a thin layer above the skin used to anticipate the flow of an opponent. Extreme emotion control is necessary since any emotion will break the technique.
  • Kori Nuki - Kenichi's current strongest technique where he kicks his opponent at the point where his defense is the lowest and lifts them over his head with the foot by doing a sideways split. Kenichi has completely master this move

Kenichi's unique attacks

  • Strongest Combo #1 - Kenichi starts with the Yamazuki (karate), then the Kao Loi (Muy Thai), then the Ugyuu Haitou (chinese kenpo), and finally the Kuchiki Daoshi (jujitsu).
  • Strongest Combo #2 - Kenichi strts with Shutou Yokogan Men Uchi (Karate) then Ti Khao (Muy Thai), and Tanba (Chinese Kenpo), and finally Seoi Nage (jujitsu)
  • Strongest Combo #3 - Ryusei Seiku - Kenichi starts by activating Ryusei Seikuken then pushes the chin of his opponent, followed by a sideways elbow strike, and then an inside axe kick, and a karate strike to the side of the head.
  • Mubyoshi - A swift strong punch that combines the principles of Muy Thai, Chinese Kenpo, Jujitsu, and Karate. This is Kenichi's second strongest move.
  • Shinken Shirahama Dori - A skill created by Kenichi to grab a sword from another fighter.
  • Ryozanpaku Rhythm - Not a single technique though this is one of Kenichi's most praised moves where he takes on the fighting style, persona, and characteristics of one of his masters. The style is so good that Kenichi completely changes his rhythm and often takes is opponent completely unaware. Though this limits him to one style he copies his master so thoroughly he can use their greatest techniques though just not at their level.

Other Media


Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Anime - Kenichi is of course the main character in the series which takes place over the course of the Ragnarok arc ending with Kenichi's battle with Ryuuto Asamiya. The anime differs slightly from the manga with certain short arcs not appearing and a couple of scenes added in.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple OVA 1 - A recently released OVA that continues where the manga left off introducing the YOMI arc.


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