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    Comic book Artist that has worked mostly for DC/Vertigo but also other companies. Well known for his runs on Batman comic books and his gothic horror style.

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            Kelley Jones (born July 23, 1962) is a comic book artist best known for his art on Batman along with writer Doug Moench. Jones first worked with Moench on a series of elseworld Batman tales including Batman: Dark Joker the Wild and the vampire Batman stories Red Rain, Bloodstorm, and Crimson Mist. Both of these comics were very moody compared to the other Batman comics at the time, which were already very dark. Jones also had a fairly long run on the normal Batman comic which lasted from 1995 to 1998. Most fans praised his rendition of a grim and gritty Batman however not all Batman fans were fond of his work. Jones used a style which emphasized mood over realism and exaggerating many features of Batmans costume such as making Batman's ears incredibly long or giving him a huge cape draped over his body. 

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    In addition to his run on Batman, Jones drew the Seasons Of Mist story arc for Sandman, for which his style fit very well when the main character had to travel to hell. Jones is also famous for revamping Deadman in the 80s, changing his slightly human appearance to something more reminiscent of a zombie or skeleton. Recently Jones has been working on the series, The Crusades, for Vertigo Comics (2000-2001), and the four-issue mini-series, Conan: The Book of Thoth, for Dark Horse Comics .

    Since 1997, Jones has written and drawn numerous books for Dark Horse including several miniseries and graphic novels such as the four-issue miniseries, The 13th Son, or the graphic novel which included his own creation, The Hammer (1997-1999).

    In 2008 Jones was once again called upon to do the art for a new twelve-issue series titled Batman: Gotham After Midnight, which was written by Steve Niles.


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