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    Lady Kelda is an Asgardian, returned to life after the latest cycle of Ragnarok by Thor. While the rest of her people had struggled to find their place in Midgard, Kelda found love in the form of a mortal, though he was murdered in Loki and Dr. Doom's schemes.

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    Kelda was one of the many Asgardians whom Thor resurrected after the Ragnarok Cycle. While the rest of her people were content to sit within Asgard and live out old glories, the golden-haired goddess instead sought out new experiences within Midgard. Upon being returned to life, she traveled into the nearby town of Broxton, Oklahoma, attracting the attention of one of the mortal residents, Bill, the local fry cook. Kelda invited Bill to meet her in Asgard.  Bill musters up the courage to answer Kelda's standing invitation to visit Asgard, and drops by.  He brings her flowers which he bought on the way, though the attempt to deliver them just ends with her getting hit in the face with a rock. She shows him around Asgard, while the two flirt playfully, and he tries to explain basketball to the Asgardian males.

    Bill and Kelda
    Bill and Kelda

    In time, Bill and Kelda fall in love with one another, to the extent that Bill leaves his home and business in Broxton to move to Latveria together, along with the other Asgardians. For Kelda, Bill's curiosity about the world around him and his sense of justice are some of his greatest qualities, and one of the reasons she fell in love with him. While in Latveria, some unruly Asgardians hassle Bill and goad him into a fight. Before Bill can enter the fight, Kelda arrives with an ice spear she summoned from the ongoing storm. She uses it to break the Asgardians' weapons and then gives it to Bill.  She says it is poisonous and one scratch is capable of killing an Asgardian. The Asgardians flee and Bill says he is going to investigate the recent move of Asgard to Latveria from Oklahoma.

    Major Story Arcs

    Revenge against Doctor Doom

    Tragically, however, Bill is murdered when he stumbles upon a conspiracy by Loki and Doctor Doom to harvest the organs of the Asgardians in order to give the armor-clad despot the secrets of immortality, but not before informing Balder of Loki's treachery and asking him to inform Kelda of his love for her. Seeing her mortal love dead before her, Kelda swears vengeance on Loki and travels to Castle Doom to confront him. Instead she meets Doctor Doom, who goads her into a fight. She follows him deep into the castle and falls into his trap. Doom rips her heart out and leaves her body on the floor.

    Thor and the others Asgardians go to Latveria to punish Doom for the wrongs done to the people of  Asgard.  Doom throws down the corpse of Kelda and Thor is furious. However Loki appears and he says he can save Kelda. But Loki can only save Kelda if someone recover her heart, which was seized by Doom. Thor and Doom fight. Balder recovers the heart of Kelda and returns it to Loki. Loki saves Kelda, bringing her back to life, but Kelda is very sad because Bill is dead. Later, Kelda talks to the parents of Bill, revealing to them that Bill was dead.

    The Fine Print

    Kelda appears in the story The Fine Print (Thor 611-614). In the ruins of Asgard, Hela appears. She is using the last of her strength, Hela herself transformed into a fortress to defend the souls of the dead if the dísire. She has appealed to her to help defend Asgardian kin her charges.Thor and Balder discuss if they will help Hela. 

    However Kelda appears. She says:  "the core of the tales must be true. For nome are at least near the mark, for they lack motivation. For they are angry , scorned by life, cursed to pain and devoid of all hunger. Regret and wish for vengeance. You must not underestimate what woman are capable of. I think I could give warning if they approach fallen Asgard". But, Thor and Tyr decide to go help Hela. Later, Kelda is still sad by the death of Bill. 
    During these events, Kelda plots the death of Balder blaming him for Bill's death.  Thor comes into possession of the Eir-Gram sword.  He discovers that when Loki healed Kelda he stole a portion of her soul and placed it in the Eir-Gram to grant it the power to pull the soul of the wielder temporarily into the blade to slay the Disir.  This imbalanced Kelda leading to her attempted murder.  Thor stops her just in time and restores her soul. 

    Powers and Abilities

    The powers of Kelda
    The powers of Kelda

    Kelda seems to have all the physical characteristics of an Asgardian.  Although she favors the use of her elemental magicks and powers over physical abilities or more conventional weapons,  she possesses physical strength, stamina, and speed far greater than normal human beings.  During the Siege of Asgard, she was attacked by human soldiers armed with heavy assault rifles.  Although being struck by multiple sustained bursts left her dazed and temporarily disabled, she regenerated from the damage in under a minute, and went on to defeat her opponents.

    Kelda's abilities are centered around control of storms, rain, ice and winds.  She has the ability to conjure objects made of ice, such as spears and swords, that are (presumably) substantial enough to use as practical weapons--she may also make these ice blades sufficiently poisonous that a single cut from one can kill even an Asgardian.  Her control of wind has demonstrated that she can hold herself aloft on conjured winds with no apparent effort, and can partially transform herself into a vortex of air, allowing for swift flight.  Kelda has also demonstrated that when angered, she called forth lightning blasts that were sufficient to utterly destroy one of Dr. Doom's robotic doubles.  Although her weather control abilities are obviously less powerful than Thor's, Balder himself has stated that she is 'high among us' (meaning Asgardians) in terms of overall power. 
    It has been implied that Kelda may have other magical abilities.


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