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Way back in '96, when Superman lost his powers and Married Lois Lane, the couple went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. However, their time together was interrupted by the thundering sounds of Kekona trying to destroy a new building being built.

Superboy was on the job! He beat down the ancient builder and was ready to haul him off when Kekona disappeared.

Superboy, Superman, and Lois Lane did some more digging, and when they found their ancient builder again, it was round two!

At one point when the Kent couple was about to be pinned beneath a pile of rubble, they where saved by a mysterious figure.

Kekona took this to mean he was not the last of his kind, and vanished to a "Wall Of Law" for his punishment.

Kekona, though strong and well versed in architecture, is not too bright. He speaks in a Bizarro -like slur and has the ability to teleport.


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