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    Kefla is a powerful female warrior who is the fusion of Caulifla and Kale using the Potara Earrings. She is the first female fusion in the entirety of the dragonball verse. She is also the first fusion to fight in a ssj2 form.

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    Kefla is a fused female Saiyan warrior from universe 6. She is the first fusion to appear in the tournament of power.

    Kefla is considered to be universe 6's trump card stated by Champa.


    Kefla first appeared in episode 114 Bloodcurdling! The Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior! First aired in Japan on November 5, 2017.

    Kefla is voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell, and Dawn M. Bennet in the english dub, and Yukana, Yuka Komastu are Japanese voices for Kefla.

    Major Story Arcs

    Caulifla and Kale use the Potara earrings to form a new saiyan warrior named Kefla. Kefla releases a wave of energy sending throughout the entire battle field showcasing the potential of her power.

    Kefla begins to target Goku testing to see how far her power can go. Kefla then is able to easily beat and overpower Goku forcing him to go into super saiyan blue. Kefla later powers up into Super Saiyan which is similar to Kales berserker form.

    Kefla and Goku are fighting evenly until Kefla summons a Ki blast forcing Goku to transform into Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken. Kefla then is able to knock out Super Saiyan Blue kaioken Goku with a single kick.

    Kefla triggers Goku into a form that not even the Gods have fully mastered. Kefla and Goku both unleash a wave of energy that sky rockets into the world of void. Kefla is charges towards Goku unable to get a hit and is completely outclassed in speed.

    Kefla knowing she is completely outmatched by Goku unleashes an attack that is capable of killing Goku with just one hit. Kefla fires a gigantic blast and is dodged by Goku.

    Kefla is pushed out of the tournament thus being eliminated by Goku.


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