Kearson Dewitt

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    Dewitt is a super villain who controls a powerful suit of armor and has a personal vendetta against Iron Man.

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    Kearson DeWitt was born the son of a gifted engineer, whose work he idolized. His father's achievements were largely ignored, and he died young, penniless and humiliated. DeWitt laid the blame for his father's humiliation and death at the feet of Tony Stark, who he believed had stolen the plans of his father's final, unrealized project and turned them into the Iron Man armour. He swore to avenge his father, and started a vendetta against both Stark and Iron Man, unaware that they were one and the same.   


    DeWitt was created by John Byrne and John Romita, Jr.  

    Major Story Arcs

    After Stark was shot by Kathy Dare, DeWitt took the opportunity to gain control of his hated enemy. To this end, he joined up with several doctors and engineers, and received funding from Desmond and Phoebe Marrs, and planted a chip at the base of Stark's spine that would allow DeWitt to control Stark's actions and to monitor him. The chip was unable to see through Stark's eyes, however, meaning that DeWitt had to have access to cameras that showed Stark, or he would be monitoring and operating him blindly. This ended up being a sore point with DeWitt, his colleagues and his sponsors. DeWitt was able to bribe a security guard to provide him with security footage in real time, finally allowing DeWitt to have eyes on his quarry. However the controlled Stark came into conflict with James Rhodes. DeWitt attempted to have Stark kill Rhodes, but Rhodes was able to best Stark, knocking him unconscious and thus rendering him uncontrollable. Rhodes then removed Stark to an area that had no cameras, leaving DeWitt again blind to Stark's actions. DeWitt flew into a rage over this, and was only further enraged soon after when his aides reported that Stark was up and moving, somehow in defiance of the chip's instructions. Unbeknownst to them, Stark's armour was blocking their signal. Stark soon appeared on television, further angering DeWitt, who was only calmed when he was reminded that the footage could be some manner of trick. He then ordered Stark's nervous system be returned to Stark's control, which caused Stark a great deal of pain. However, Stark was restrained by Rhodes, and noticed a Marrs Corporation helicopter hovering nearby. Making the connection between the chip and the Marrs Corporation, he goes to the Corporation's headquarters as Iron Man and laid siege to the building, destroying a great deal of equipment and sending DeWitt's aides fleeing. DeWitt made use of a suit similar to Iron Man's and attacked him, soon realizing that Stark and Iron Man are the same person, and attempting again to take control of Stark's nervous system. A brief aerial fight is cut short when both mens' suits are damaged and the crash to the ground. They continue fighting on the ground until the intervention of Rhodes, wearing another version of the Iron Man armour. DeWitt was swiftly defeated and trapped under the rubble of the collapsed headquarters.  
    Some time later, DeWitt appeared again, alive but confined to a wheelchair. He was teamed up with AIM and Professor Power, acting as a weapons broker dealing in suits similar to the Iron Monger designs and some other Stark creations. Stark soon learned of the operation and quickly discovered it's roots, and enlisted the Avengers to help him take the ring down. To this end he staged an assault on AIM headquarters. DeWitt fought back using a remoter-controlled suit similar to the one he had worn in their first battle. Also like that first battle, DeWitt's armour was eventually defeated, however this time he had several more suits to throw at his enemy, and continued to fight, all the time declaiming the reasons for his hatred of Stark. His suits were soon defeated, and he then tried to impose his will on the whole arsenal to direct it against Stark. However, the neural feedback was too much for him to handle, and the entire base exploded around him. His fate is unknown, but he is presumed dead.  

    Powers and Abilities

    DeWitt has no personal powers aside from his intellect, which is reasonably advanced and specialized in the field of engineering. He had a superpowered armoured suit, the full power and capabilities of which has never been fully explored, but which had a substantial and powerful arsenal. He was later able to control similar suits using remote controls, and was also briefly able to control a number of suits using a neural link 

    In Other Media

     DeWitt appeared in the Iron Man 2 video game. This version of the character worked for Stark until he was fired for working on a project, called PROTEAN, that was determined to be too dangerous. He later joined up with AIM, and later still merged with a suit he created, Ultimo. He was played by Doug Boyd.

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