Kazuma Torisuna

    Character » Kazuma Torisuna appears in 6 issues.

    Kazuma Torisuna is a Native Alter User. He has fought for years to servive the "Lost Grounds." He is talked about in town for his great power, and acts of heroism.

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    Twenty two years from the present, catastrophic phenomenon hit Yokohama area of Japan. Which caused a shift in the ground that uprooted the earth. Within this phenom, led to vast death and destruction. Two decades after the event a small population rebuilt a part of Yokohama. They are protected by the outer lands by a wall. Those who survive on the outside of the wall are the inhabitants of the “lost Ground.” the wall then caused resentment between the two social classes, the people outside the wall, and the ones within.

    The seismic phenomenon also started a weird biological abnormality in the new born children. They gained the power to manipulate matter. This ability is known as, Alter. Those who posses theses powers are known as alter users. The Alters soon split into two teams, those who wish to help mankind developed a team called HOLY which upheld the peace within the city. The other team known as native alter users, which fought for equalization between alters, as well as survival. Kazuma was like many teenager born out side the wall, he is rebelius to the core and has an unbreakable spirit. He developes an estranged relationship with a young girl that he takes care of named Kanami. He's friend Kimishima and him, drive around in a Dunebuggy looking for odd end jobs to make ends met. Kazuma loves to show off his Alter whenever possible.

    Story Arcs

    Kazuma is first seen attacking the plane Mimori is on, but he is only using it as a means of transport to get to where the HOLY representative is being held captive. After he receives the payment, he heads back home, and, against his better judgement most likely(as usual for the Treasoner), gave most of the money to some kid who's father was injured. He had never met anyone as skilled with Alter as Ryuho, and Kazuma's soundly trounced. However, even as he's confined at HOLY's facility, he refuses to admit defeat. Eventually, with help from Mimori Kiryu, he actually manages to escape back to the outside. As he learns of HOLD and HOLY and their underhanded tactics, Kazuma begins to focus his attention on them. After the thrashing he got from Ryuho, seeing their darker side just makes him that much angrier. He yearns to tear HOLD apart for trying to ruin people's lives, and if he can pay Ryuho back for their first encounter, all the better.But with a sense that he isn't yet strong enough, Kazuma does what he does best: pick an option, charge headlong, and don't let anything stand in the way. So he heads for the Alter Forest, full of wild animal Alter Users. There Kazuma comes face to face with a peculiar Alter, one Ryuho had once told him about. In the course of the battle, he manages to rip off the spine of the Alter, which immediately grows back, and this evolves his own Alter, making it much more powerful. When he fights Ryuho the third time, this time with the Shell Bullet, the sheer force of their fight rips open a door to the "other side" and throws them into it briefly. In the aftermath of the Second Uprising that he and Ryuho unleashed, Kazuma spends the next eight months fighting in an arena, fighting without a reason, but unlike Ryuho, it seems he has not forgotten anything, as he didn't question who Tachibana and Mimori were. After an encounter with Mimori and Asuka Tachibani however, he begins to pick himself back up and starts looking for Kanami, and he ultimately finds her and Ryuho again at the same time, just before Kanami is kidnapped. He's shown to have a rather simple past with Straight Cougar who had taught him the Bullet techniques.

    Powers ,Abilities, and Transformations

    By altering the mass surrounding Kazuma has the capability to be able to form his Alter by transforming his entire right arm by coating it with a protective metal alloy up to his shoulder blade with three fins attached to it which is his Alter.

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    Shell Bullet : Kazuma's Alter in its first form. In this form, Kazuma has three red metallic fins that cover his right shoulder. The fins are able to disintegrate and release potential burst of energy that able to propel Kazuma at great speed and increase his striking power. He labels his attacks as "Bullets'

    • Shocking First Bullet: The first of Kazuma's Alter attacks. The smallest of the fins on the bottom his shoulder breaks apart and increases his momentum before thrusting his fight at his target with great force.
      • Annihilating Second Bullet: The second of Kazuma's attacks. The second largest of the fins at the top of his shoulder breaks apart and increase his striking power to point where he his able to destroy reinforced steel and large building.
      • Exterminating Last Bullet: The third of Kazuma's attacks. The largest fin at his mid shoulder breaks apart and increases his strength to the point where he is capable of destroying multiple city-blocks and par with that of equally powerful Alters.
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    Ultimate Shell Bullet: Kazuma's Alter in it's second form. Kazuma gains this form after encountering the Crystal Alter in the Alter Forest. In this form, Kazuma's alter is refined in both power appearance. He gains a large propeller on his shoulder that eliminates the bullet limit that his metallic fins possessed in his first state. His fist also embedded with an aperture that is capable of absorbing additional Alter power. However, excessive use of this form puts a massive on Kazuma's right arm to the point where all feeling is lost.

    • Shell Bullet Burst: When Kazuma absorbs enough Alter power, he channels the energy into his arm, causing it to glow a golden light due to his increase power. He then uses the propeller his shoulder to fly towards his target at great speed and releases of the energy he collected in one powerful punch, creating a blast of energy. He is also capable extending it beyond its normal range by shaping his energy blast in the form of a golden fist.

    While gathering energy for this attack he has a tendency of chanting phrases such as "Shine brighter!" or "More power! And more!! AND MORE!!!"

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    Proud Fist: Kazuma's Alter in its final form. Kazuma achieved this form during his final battle with Kyoji Mujo.

    In this form, Kazuma's Alter encases his entire body the form of powerful armor. The four fin at the side of head has now expanded into the form of a mask that covers his entire head, with a wild hair style a the top of his head. His fists also increase in size and the propeller behind his shoulder is now expanded into the form of a whip that is capable a launching Kazuma by whipping either the ground the or the air.


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