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    A high-tech assassin that honor the way of the samurai and is an original member of the Masters of Silence.

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    The Masters of Silence are a group of high-tech assassins that honor the way of the samurai and are hired by the CEO of Akane Fusion named Rei Takahashi to eliminate Tony Stark. Mr Takahashi's company is in financial ruins because of faulty safety valves they purchased from Stark Enterprises. He calls Mr Stark a dishonorable business man for selling substandard equipment and hires the Masters of Silence to exact vengeance for his treachery. The three members Inazuma (Lightning), Kaze (Wind) and Kaminari (Thunder) find Tony Stark without honor and deserving of death.

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    Kaze and the rest of the Masters of Silence would later realize that Tony Stark was framed. They would work together with War Machine to take down Justin Hammer and restore their honor. The Masters of Silence would reunite with Iron Man to battle a demon called the Face Thief. This demon kills a wealthy industrialist named Creighton McCall and steals his identity. Creighton's daughter Meredith McCall is in danger and would receive help from Tony Stark whom she had a brief romance with when they were teenagers. Iron Man and the Masters of Silence would come to her aid after the Face Thief reveals its true form to Meredith. Kaze is gravely wounded by the demon when it slashes his neck with a sword. Meredith would fight back with some firearms and Inazuma admires Meredith for her bravery and fighting spirit. Iron Man would hit the Face Thief with everything he had at max output. He caused considerable damage to the demon and the Face Thief would disappear and escape. Kaze would pass the warrior spirit within him to Meredith McCall as she volunteered to walk the path of vengeance with the Masters of Silence.  


    Kaze was created by Len Kaminski and Kevin Hopgood in 1992 and first appeared in Iron Man # 281.  

    Powers & Abilities

    All members of the Masters of Silence have an ability to cloak themselves from radar and other tracking devices through mystical or psychic means. Their suits of armor provide great durability and are immune to Iron Man's repulsor bolts. Kaze is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and wields a kama with a ball and chain as his weapon of choice. He uses this weapon for melee attacks and can throw it for range attacks as well. The weapons are laced with energy which causes more damage upon impact.  
    Kaze's weapon of choice is the kama with a ball and chain.
    Kaze's weapon of choice is the kama with a ball and chain.

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