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    Former angel and now demon of Hell.

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    Kazaan Full Shot
    Kazaan Full Shot

    After a war in heaven, between Angels, the Angel Micah who had sided with the rebel angel Lucifer was cast down, as had all who sided with Lucifer against God, seeking to oppose the almighty. Micah no longer an angel instead a demon, discarded his angelic name and crowned himself as Kazann. In spite of all his new existence as a demon, Kazaan maintained a friendly relationship with his brother, the angel Malachi. More than that in fact, both demon and angel conspired together seeking to advance both their respective positions in their orders. Both helping and aiding to increase each others over al power as well. Sharing information and secrets of demons and angels to each other respectively. With each other to play off to show impressive feats in front of other angels and demons both were in fact able to ascend to higher and more authoritative positions of power. When Kazann makes a play for manifesting himself on Earth, a host of angelic and demonic representatives make note and put into place the means to stop him. His brother Malachi not wishing to be implicated with his brother least their arrangements be made apparent to all. As such he sets the the Ghost Rider free to capture Kazann and bring him to Malachi.

    Kazann is highly respected among demons for his insight and supposed intelligence that has led him to being able to orchestrate counter measures to agents of heaven. World War 2 supposedly was in part due to his influence and manipulations.


    Kazann the demon is a Marvel comic character. Created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Clayton Crain, Kazann first appearing in Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation #2 released in 2005. As named as when he was an Angel, Micah and his brother Malachi share names with Books from the last section of the Old Testament. The Book of the Twelve contains the Book of Malachi and the Book of Micah.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hell on Earth

    Fighting the Ghost Rider
    Fighting the Ghost Rider

    An ambitious human and oil tycoon Earl Gustav sought to summon the demon Kazann, in order to regain mobility he had lost after he was crippled. Using his vast resources and a very loyal secretary Jemima Catmint, he set about performing dark demonic rituals to release Kazann and bring him to hell with his full power. Gustav was obsessed with his goals and many human lives were casualty for his attempts to regain his lost mobility. Including the lives of many of his petroleum business board members. This group sacrifice allowing Kazann to manifest on Earth with a physical form, that of the collective board members bodies. Kazann went about the means to bring a demon army to Earth. His appearance on Earth drew the attention of the arch angel Ruth and the demon tracker Hoss. Wishing to aid his brother Malachi, set about the Ghost Rider to delay and slow both Ruth and Hoss. The three individuals Ghost Rider, Hoss and Ruth did in fact impede each others progress, and it ended up being Ghost Rider that reached Kazann first. Starting to realize the gravity of the situation, as in potential hell on Earth, Gusav's secretary Jemima Catmint begun to change her mind and and started to disobey Gustav, and forced Gustav to recant his spells which send Kazann and his emerging demons back to hell. The arrival of Ruth startles Catmint and she accidentally kills Gustav. The threats dealt with, Ghost Rider finds himself back in hell before a smug Malachi who pontificates. Unintentionally revealing his connection to Kazann and their secret history of helping each other, her draws the ire of Ruth who viciously rips his angel wings off of him, casting him down to be mortal and to die. Malachi dies and becomes a demon alongside his brother, both brothers now cast down. Kazann is bodiless. He will choose his form and body when he manifests on Earth.

    Powers and Abilities

    Before he was cast down, to become a demon, Kazann was Micah, a powerful Angel. Still incredibly powerful as a demon, Kazann is effectively immortal, without need for food, sleep or water. Physically strong and durable, he is also a master of dark magic, as well as possesses various powers such as possession. Kazann technically has no physical body and must possesses a physical body to have one. The physical body does not have to be alive. It is greatly augmented when possessed by Kazann. Kazann often appears as a haunting spectre light glowing blue and white entity, his face obscured by a white glow. Kazann also has the ability to heal. He used this ability to allow paraplegic Earl Gustav to walk again.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: Variable

    Weight: Variable

    Hair: Variable

    Eyes: Variable


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