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Kazanda was a jungle queen character who lived on a never named “Lost Continent” populated by strange lost civilizations and even stranger monsters, which was discovered by Westerners with adventure and mayhem then ensuing.

Along with the normal skills and abilities possessed by most jungle queens Kazanda also has minor psychic powers letting her cause plants to grow more quickly then normal, and speed healing in herself and others. And while she cannot control the animals of the jungle they do trust her so that she is able to calm ferocious ones.


The series first appeared in Australia in black & white (blue & white in her second outing for some reason) where it was called Kazanda the Wild Gil and the Forbidden Kingdom which appeared in both Australian comics and a number of collections featuring only her, and was later published in America in Rangers Comics as Kazanda, where it was given full color for the first time.

It was drawn by Ted Brodie-Mack from Wellington, New Zealand, and written by Peter Amos a pseudonym of Archie E. Martin.


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