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    A Battleship-class Ubermensch aligned with the USSR.

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    Current Events

    Maria has currently been convinced by the USSR to rejoin the war effort and will likely be engaging in combat soon.


    Many details of Maria's origin are currently unknown. She served in the Soviet Army as a Sniper and was nick named "The Manic Sniper" by her fellow troops.

    Character Evolution

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    Maria was present at the Battle of Berlin when the Battleships and Panzermensch were first deployed. She even had the opportunity to snipe a Panzermensch Mark2 but failed due to its invulnerability. She managed to survive the battle and was taken as a POW.

    She later, again managed to survive the mass execution of the near 1,000,000 prisoners, and eventually make her way back to the USSR. It is here she is eventually foreshadowed as a Battleship class Ubermensch.

    Later when she and the other some 420,000 soldiers are back in Soviet lines, they are subjected to Wöden's Blood in effort to create Tank-Men to counter Siegmund's task-force. Although initially appeared to be a failure, Maria is nevertheless revealed as a tank-men.

    She fails her initial tests and displays no power unlike the others, this was due to the fact that she was in fact a Battleship and takes longer to mature. Maria later escapes the camp the Soviets are conducting experiments on and leaves out into the wilderness.

    Making her way through Siberia, Maria eventually finds herself at the residence of an Elder couple who take her in and treat her as their own.

    Before long the USSR Government finds her and although she initially resists - killing many soviets in the process she is eventually persuaded to go with them.


    Maria appears to have some sort of psychological disorder and many of her fellow soldiers consider her crazy. She speaks with an childish demeanor. She often has nonsensical rumblings.

    Powers and Abilities

    Although the process is still being understood, the creation of Ubermensch begins with giving them treatments of an alien material known as Wöden's Blood. Approximately one in five thousand humans can undertake treatments - those who cannot immediately die when touching the material.

    Most humans can take three treatments, resulting it a common Panzermensch with enhanced speed, strength, invulnerability and an energy projection/manipulation ability referred to as distortion Halos. Later, different types of Ubermensch are created, some sacrificing their halo ability for greater physical prowess or vice versa.

    Even rarer are humans who can handle more treatments of Wöden's blood. The strongest being referred to as Battleships, which can handle a total of 24 treatments. Maria is one of these such Battleships.


    Maria, as a battle-class ship Ubermensch is granted an enormous amount of strength. Although her own appearances are minor, her strength level should be around the 30+ ton range, fully capable of toss tanks around the battlefield.


    She likewise is granted increased speed and should be capable of dodging gun and tankfire of the time.


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    Battleship class Ubermensch are completely invulnerable to all types of modern weaponry including small arms fire, tank fire, anti-tank fire and even recently Siegelinde has taken ship fired ordinance with no damage - although Maria has no unique showings of this.

    Distortion Halos

    Like all Ubermensch, Maria posses Distortion Halos, an energy projection and manipulation type ability. Other battleships are capable of wiping out bombers and tanks in mass with casual ease and can wipe other V2s just as easily.Battleship Class Distoration Halos are also the only known effective weapon against other Battleships.

    They also demonstrate matter manipulation with their Halos. Maria herself has been able to transmute the earth into food to sustain herself.


    All Ubermensch suffer a weakness of fatigue. In this state they are incredible vulnerable and can be killed much more easily. Although the Battleships themselves display a very high tolerance against this weakness, they still suffer from it. Klaudia was incapacitated for days by being over deployed for a period of 6 hours.

    Although the exact time limit for the Battleships deployment is not yet known, it seems a period of about 12 hours of continual combat before stopping for rest is ideal. Still, each Battleship is fully capable of supporting an entire German front.


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