Katy Kiernan

    Character » Katy Kiernan appears in 25 issues.

    Katy Kiernan is a reporter for the Daily Inquisitor and ally of the current Venom.

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    Brief History

    Katy Kiernan was a reporter for the Daily Bugle and actually, for the Daily Inquisitor who helped with her investigations the Agent Venom (Flash Thompson) to find and battle the Department of Occult Armaments and research data about Daimon Hellstrom. She was kidnapped by Carnage which caused Flash to track him and her. She was brought into the Microverse by Carnage for Marquis Radu where he wanted to use her to report his story as he attempts to become the new god of the Microverse. She reported the story to the Daily Inquisitor on how Venom and Kaine defeated Carnage.


    Katy Kiernan was created by Cullen Bunn and Thony Silas in 2011. He was first introduced in the comic book Spider-Man: Season One.


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