Kathryn Worthington

    Character » Kathryn Worthington appears in 38 issues.

    Mother of Warren Worthington III a.k.a. the X-men's Angel.

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    Brief History

    Kathryn was the loving mother of Warren Worthington III, aka the X-men's Angel. Kathryn was married to Warren Worthington Jr. and had a vast family fortune. Her husband died when Angel was still in his teenage years. Although devastated at the loss of her husband, Kathryn found new love in Burtham Worthington , Warren junior's brother and her former brother-in-law. The two even made plans to get married. However, nothing seemed what it was, since Burtham plotted to marry Kathryn only so he could access the family fortune once again. He had secretly poisoned her so that she would perish shortly after their wedding. Angel, along with the X-Men managed to defeat him, but where too late to save Kathryn from dying. Burt and his accomplice, the mutant hating Doctor Stuart, were taken into custody. Kathryn was taken up by her son and he flew with her into the sky, like an Angel bringing her closer to heaven. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Kathryn is not a mutant like her son and possessed no powers.

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