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One of the members of the somewhat defunct supergroup, Seven Guns, The. Her status is not completely known by issue #1 of "Black Summer" by Warren Ellis. However a news reporter states that Kathryn Artemis and Angel One have been spotted on the streets since the President's murder by their former team member John Horus.

Trouble Begins

When John Horus kills the president of the United States, this places The Guns in turmoil with their own city, while going to rescue their team-mate Tom Noir from his apartment, Angel One told Artemis to create a distraction, no sooner than she activated her powers; she was fired upon by the U.S Military, she fired back Slaughtering most of them; unfortunately for the guns this was happening while team mate Dominic Hyde appeared on TV, telling America that the Gun's were not the Enemy. Frank Blacksmith (An ex Gun turned Military commander) gave the order to hunt and arrest the guns. After Tom Noir's "Death" The remaining members decide it's time to act, they take to the street fighting both the Military and the elements that war cause. Later they return to their base, and they are attacked by Frank Blacksmith's new guns, who kill Dominic Hyde in the process.

Kathryn is not well liked by the other members of her team. At least two of them refer to her as a bitch in Issue no. 2.

 Kathryn Artemis
 Kathryn Artemis

Kathryn's enhancements include a gun like all members of the Seven Guns but she also can undergo a transformation which includes her motorcycle. As far as her powers go, there may be something feral about Kathryn Artemis. During her transformation, her eyes become red and catlike and her helmet takes on a wildcat shape. Her wildcat logo are on the front and back of her enhanced red and black motorcycle outfit. (Feral is listed in her powers for now but it is speculation at the point of Issue no. 2's publication.) As far as her other powers, there's no listing for "super bike" per se, but "Gadgets" is a broad category as is "Implants" so that seems like the best places to include her.

Her agility with the bike is impressive as she weaves through bullets or perhaps has a force field inherent in her gun enhancements. However when faced with having to defend herself against the US Armed Forces, her marksmanships takes out the entire platoon while she is not even scratched.

Kathryn Artemis' enhancement activation code word is: Miyamoto.

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