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Kathana was one of several bio-genetically created creatures developed by Dabney Donovan of Project Cadmus. Like many of Donovan's experiments, Kathana fled Cadmus and took refuge in the sewers beneath Metropolis, becoming part of a group of escaped Cadmus experiments called the Underworlders.

Major Story Arcs

Battle for Metropolis

When the Underworlders began developing a progressive illness due to poisoned flood waters, they blamed Project Cadmus, declared war against all of humanity, and soon began terrorizing downtown sections of Metropolis

Kathana, weak and starving from his illness, attempted to feed on the young Keith White. Keith's guardian, Myra Allen, tried to defend Keith and got raked across her face by Kathana's claws. With his efforts thwarted and what little energy he had expended, Kathana fled.

Powers & Abilities

Kathana possesses a psionic form of hypnosis that allows him to temporarily sedate his prey so that he can feed off them. He also has razor-sharp claws, ideal for rending flesh.


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