Character » Katarina appears in 33 issues.

    Bearer of the Witchblade in medieval times. Worked with Medieval Spawn to fight against Lord Cardinale.

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    Katarina Godliffe was born in the year 1151 on a farm near the city of York. She became part of Lord Marigold's army age 12 when her father James Godliffe was unable to fight in the army, Katarina who was strong for her age Marigold decided was a good replacement. In the six years of service to Lord Marigold Katarina learned many fighting skills. Katarina was released from serving in Lord Marigold's army after her father James Godliffe died in the year 1171.

    After this Katarina became an adventure sometimes working with a con man called Stalker, after meeting Stalker Katarina start drinking a lot between her jobs. During 1175 Katarina and Stalker got in a bar brawl and to pay of the damage they caused they had to work by shovelling manure during which Katarina found The Witchblade in the pile of manure.


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