Katarina Armstrong

    Character » Katarina Armstrong appears in 21 issues.

    Katarina Armstrong was the second person to take the identity of Spy Smasher. Her relation to the original is unknown. She went to college together with Barbara Gordon.

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    Katarina Armstrong was a high-ranking anti-terrorist government agent who’s affiliated with several American and International agencies. Becoming the second person to claim the name of Spy Smasher, it is unsure at this time what Katarina’s exact ties to the first (Alan Armstrong) specifically are. However, her diamond insignia costume and personal identity clearly suggest they are in some way related.

    Much still has not been revealed about Katarina’s past, but in college she met

    Barbara Gordon and struck up a most unusual friendship. Coming from different backgrounds and both highly competitive with one another, Katarina and Barbara disagreed on everything yet remained inseparable. Their friendship became strained when Katarina cheated in a track race by tripping Barbara to win. Friendship became rivalry after college as the two went their separate ways, but kept constant surveillance on one another from that point on.

    Their paths crossed once again when Barbara sent a team of agents into to rescue the daughter of mob boss “Shark” Brennan, kidnapped to prevent him from turning state’s evidence. Katarina became determined to shut Barbara’s operation down by any means necessary. It wasn’t long before Katarina coerced Barbara into turning control of the Birds of Prey over to her. Kat sent the Birds into on a salvage mission that revealed the long thought deceased Ice of Justice League International was still alive. While there Kat and the Birds fought the Secret Six, to which Kat found herself equally matched against Deadshot. Kat also takes the time to fire Lady Blackhawk for dissent.

    As the team returned to the Bird’s base camp Katarina was challenge by Barbara for control of her entire operations. After the two beat each other to a stand still, Katarina soon found herself confronted by every former agent of the Birds of Prey. Threatened by Black Canary , Katarina leaves disgraced and humiliated. However, Kat left a final parting gift for Barbara that revealed some background information on the teenaged Misfit .

    It is later revealed that Katarina was severely reprimanded by Checkmate. It is mentioned that Josephine Tautin personally carried out Katarina’s disciplinary action, much to her enjoyment. Sasha Bordeaux also apologized to Barbara in person for Kat’s actions.

    Skills and Abilities

    Katrina is expert marksman on a similar level to Deadshot (of the Secret Six), Katrina has extensive knowledge in various forms of hand-to-hand combat and is a somewhat of a strategist with extensive government connections at her fingertips.


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