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A daughter of the immortal Vandal Savage, Kassidy's father was arrested when she was ten years old, after he was discovered committing ritualistic human sacrifices to appease his gods, allowing his proclaimed immortality. The shock of everything that had happened lead her mother to die within a year. Kassidy wouldn't see her father for another sixteen years, a stretch time in which she would become an expert FBI profiler, specializing in serial killers.


Kass Sage was created by writer James Robinson and artist Bernard Chang for an arc in the anthology title, DC Universe Presents.

Major Story Arcs

The Swan-Killer

Sixteen years after Kass last saw her father, a copy-cat serial killer, known as the "Swan-Killer" begins to mimic her father's sacrificial murders from years prior. When Vandal was interviewed by a duo of FBI agents within Belle Reve, he managed to brutally attack the two, in an effort to get the FBI to send him his daughter. Knowing she has to, Kass travels the prison to meet with her father, in an attempt to acquire his help trying to catch the Swan-Killer. The reunion is tense, as the two hadn't seen each other in over a decade. Vandal agrees to help his daughter after he witnesses her kill an escaped inmate with ease, claiming he had to be sure she was a "true Savage." However, Vandal has one requirement in order to help, and that is he needs to see the crime scenes in person. He admits to his daughter that he may very well try to escape, but she has no choice in the matter, as it is the only way he would agree to help. Kass reluctantly agrees to her father's terms, and arranges his temporary release.


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