Karness Muur

    Character » Karness Muur appears in 16 issues.

    An ancient Sith who harnessed the dark side to such a degree he was able to control Sith Magic and transform most sentient beings he encountered into Rakghouls. He was imprisoned in a piece of jewellery called the Muur Talisman, waiting for someone strong in the Force, but mentally weaker than Celeste Morne, his prison and prisoner, to take possession of the Talisman.

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    Karness Muur was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. Seven thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, Karness Muur fought in the Hundred-Year Darkness, a civil war between Jedi Knights who served the Dark Side and those who still served the Light.

    These Dark Jedi eventually lost their war, becoming exiled to the planet of Korriban. Karness and the other Dark Jedi found the indigenous species, the Sith, who could not feel the Force. Muur and the others ruled them as gods, becoming Lords of the Sith. There, Muur continued to practice his dark sorcery, where he would eventually create abominations of the dark side.


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