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    The young man who would call himself Karma originally ran into the reformed Doom Patrol, battling along their side and later joining them. He had the psionic ability to disrupt others motor reflexes.

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    Wayne Hawkins is a young punk rocker who lives in Kansas City and possessed psionic powers. He was first seen after he stole a stickpin from a store and this brought him the attention of three rough looking individuals. Karma than used his mental ability to make one of them hit the other however the impact was hard enough to knock the ruffian over the railing. Karma began to help him from losing his grasp on the railing when a police officer unaware of the situation shot him. Karma let the man fall to his death and was soon wanted for murder.

    Karma was invited by the heroine Celsius to join her second version of the Doom Patrol. He soon became a valuable member of the newly reformed Doom Patrol which was headquartered in Kansas City. The team however had many up's and downs during its short time together and Karma left the team as he was still on the run from the law.

    During the "War of the Gods" Karma joined the Suicide Squad for a mission. The Squad gave any person who voulunteered a clean slate upon survival. However, during his first mission with the team they attacked the castle of Circe and Karma became yet another casualty of the Squad.

    New 52

    Karma has teamed with Scott Fischer and are hiding in the tunnels when they run into Johnny Quick and Atomica. Quick and Atomica have made quick work of Negative Woman and only her bandages are left. Johnny Quick attacks Karma and is unable to hit him. The Chief gave Karma the ability to use a counterattack, which makes any punch or kick thrown by a combatant miss. The Chief called the power defensive telepathic nerve pulse disruption. Johnny Quick changed his tactics and placed bombs around Karma detonating them, which resulted with Karma dying in the explosion. However, he managed to survive the explosion!


    Karma is a minor psionic whose psychic power made sure that anyone trying to attack him would wind up falling over themselves. He seemingly gave other people bad luck however he technically, disrupted others’ motor reflexes.


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