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    Writer/inker and former husband of fellow comic writer Barbara (Randall) Kesel with whom he co-wrote Hawk and Dove.

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    Born in Victor, New York, on January 7, 1959, Karl Kesel is a comics inker and writer. Kesel's earliest professional contribution to a comic came under contract of DC Comics in New Talent Showcase #4, which was released in April of 1984. The first volume Karl Kesel was first a regular contributor in was Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes, he was the main inker on the series. In addition to working on DC Comics published comic books, Kesel also worked for other publishers such as Dark Horse, Marvel, and Gorilla comics.

    DC Comics

    Kesel's work for DC Comics included the aforementioned New Talent Showcase, as well as Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Additionally, Kesel contributed his inking skills on 'Mazing Man and 'Mazing Man Special, History of the DC Universe, Legends of the DC Universe, Superman Vol. 2 (specifically the story arc "Reign of the Supermen"). Working in collaboration with his former wife Barbara Kesel, the two co-wrote the 1988 miniseries Hawk and Dove, with Rob Liefeld drawing the comic.

    Kesel is partly responsible, along with artist Tom Grummett, for the creation of Kon-El, the new Superboy. This led to a new Superboy series by Grummett and Kesel to be released in 1994. Karl Kesel also added his talents to Superman: The Wedding Album as partial creator, wrote the limited series Batman and Superman: World's Finest, and lastly a Harley Quinn series in 2000 with Terry Dodson.


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