Character » Karisma appears in 9 issues.

    Mary Brown creates a make-up that allows her to control and hypnotize men and becomes the villain known as Karisma. The cover to Fantastic Four #266 reads... "Death to the Invisible Girl".

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    Mary Brown use to work as a researcher for the Gaylord Cosmetic Corporation and created a make-up with long-chain isotopes that emit radiation on specific wavelengths. Her employer did not take her seriously and scoffed her. She applied some of her special make-up on her lipstick and realized she had the ability to control and hypnotize men. She used her new abilities to commit crime.

    She came into conflict with the Thing when she hypnotize a bunch of men to commit crimes. She was able to control the Thing which led to a confrontation with Invisible Woman, called the Invisible Girl at the time. Karisma commanded the Thing to kill the Invisible Girl. Susan Richards was able to defeat Karisma when she unveiled her true identity, but not before The Thing pounded Sue's force field relentlessly and gave her a terrible scare.

    Karisma has also been a member of the Femizons.

    Powers and Abilities:

    Karisma is able to hypnotize and control men.


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