Karin Kurosaki

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    Karin Kurosaki, one of the sisters of Ichigo Kurosaki, is able to see spirits just like her older brother. Karin's powerful kicks are a force to be reckoned with. She is aware of Ichigo's role as a shinigami.

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    Appearance and Personality

    Karin looks like your typical twelve year old tomboy. She keeps her black hair short and parted in the front. She usually wears shorts and a t- shirt. Karin is skinny and is a lot tougher than she looks.

    As far as personality goes Karin is different. She is a typical kind of person who doesn't seem, to draw too much attention to herself, except when she has something to say. Karin is usually the first to chime in if she doesn't agree with what someone is saying, and she also tends to the first to insult her father, Isshin. Karin is also opposite as her sister Yuzu, she is short tempered and rude. Karin is also very loyal to her family and friends as she fusses over them and worries when she doesn't know how to help them.

    Involvement in the Series

    Early Story lines

    When Karin is first seen she proclaims herself a nonbeliever in the idea of spirits existing in a way that they can influence anyone. When Yuzu points out that she is at the same level as Ichigo Karin just insists that if she doesn't believe in them then they can't bother her. Shortly after wards she begins trying to talk Yuzu in joining her in a business endeavor where they make money off of the spirits that they can see. Ichigo complains that it isn't right for Karin to cash in on his suffering when they decide that to have a dinner under the stars with spirits for people who can't see them. After Ichigo goes to his room and meets Rukia, Karin and the rest of the family are attacked Karin manages to crawl to Ichigo's room and warn him. She loses consciousness before Ichigo gains Rukia's powers and has her memory wiped afterwards.

    Goodbye Parakeet, Goodnight Sister

    When Sado shows up at the clinic injured and in need of help Karin begins to become sick as she is exposed to the spirit of the young boy inside of the parakeet. She tries to sleep it off and even goes to school the next day hoping that the feeling would go away. Unfortunately Karin continues to suffer from horribly nauseating headaches that is a result of her ability to sense the boy and the Hollow following after him. She eventually decides that she needs to go home and get better, and ends up running into Ruki and Ichigo as they are hunting down Sado and the parakeet. Karin ends up being carried home by Ichigo and pleas with him to save the boy inside the parakeet. Karin sleeps restlessly as Ichigo and Rukia fight and cleanse the Hollow. At the end of the story she is seen crying in relief as the spirits are cleansed.

    Memories in the Rain

    When the anniversary of their mother rolls around the Kurosaki family get together and plan out their trip to see her grave. At first Isshin is just spouting off things that have to be done, but Karin interjects before he can stop her. To appease her he makes her the vice president of the event. When the next morning arrives they set out for the grave and witness Isshin make a scene as he walks up the hill on his hands, slips and slides up to Yuzu where Karin punts him away. Once the family arrives at the cemetery they are greeted by Rukia, who Karin thinks may be Ichigo's girlfriend. After they begin to pray at the tombstone Isshin makes a fool of himself again and is threatened with no food. The day wears on and eventually they begin to prepare to head home, but Karin and Yuzu notice something different as they come over a hill. Karin sends Yuzu on and then goes up to talk to the spirit of a young girl that she could see but Yuzu couldn't. Suddenly Karin becomes aware of the giant Hollow standing behind the young girl, but it is too late as the Hollow attacks and capture Yuzu and Karin. Ichigo eventually shows up and fights Grand Phisher, driving him away. Karin and Yuzu awaken later in the small room at the bottom of the cemetery. Karin starts to notice Ichigo was at the top of the hill with them when the Hollow attacked.

    Quincy Archer and The Right Arm of the Giant.

    When Ichigo is challenged by Uryu to a battle of supremacy in our world Karin is one of several characters that are drawn into the battle inadvertently. Karin is just trying to enjoy some soccer practice with friends when suddenly Sado arrives with a massive Hollow chasing after him. Karin tries to lure her friends away while Sado draws the Hollows attention, but eventually they have to team up to fight the Hollow. Karin acts as Sado's eyes at first, but eventually the Hollow knocks him down. As the Hollow closes in on the two Karin sees Sado's Right Arm of the Giant become empowered. Sado wins the battle easily with the power, but it is too much for his body and he collapses. Karin checks in on him, but Sado is fine and the Right Arm is gone. She asks hi if h needs help but he insists that he is fine and asks her if she needs anymore help. Angry that Sado can't take care of himself Karin boots him in the head and tells him to wait while she gets him some help from her father. When she returns however she finds that Sado is gone and her father is still crazy and she ends up fighting him.

    Departure for the Soul Society.

    After Ichigo is defeated by Byakuya and Renji he has to begin training for his assault into the Soul Society. After his training Ichigo returns home and spends some time with his friends and family. Karin is seen with the rest of the family at the fireworks, all hopped up on sugar and excitement. Karin last seen as Ichigo carries his two sisters home Karin is drooling over his one shoulder while Yuzu is over the other.

    Return to the Human World and the Arrancar

    When Ichigo returns home Karin finally confronts him about the truth, that he is a Soul Reaper. Ichigo insists that he doesn't know what she is talking about. Without warning the Hollow alarm goes off on Ichigo's bed stand and he has to shove Karin out of his room while he runs off to fight the first two Arrancar that come into our world, Yammy and Ulquiorra.

    Powers and Abilities

    So far Karin has only demonstrated the ability to see, touch and sense Hollows, Arrancars, Soul Reapers, and other spirits. When she is exposed to them however Karin becomes very ill and suffers from extreme headaches. Karin has been noted as being able to sense and make contact wit spirits on the same level as Ichigo, but unlike Ichigo she has no training in acquiring any more powers.


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