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Karic is the son of Mornae and the brother of Gabrielle. He is good frieds with Leito, the blacksmith's apprentice and the two of them have a strong interest in the stories of the Templar.

Vol. 1 The Prophecy

When the Rat Army raids Cricket's Glen he saves his family from their burning house, however the building collapses before he can escape and he is presumed dead, leaving his family and friends to be captured into slavery.

He is rescued by Bradán Feasa and brought to the Fish Gods who tell him that he will follow in the footsteps of the legendary Kuhl-En and will lead the Templar into an age of peace. He is given a magical pouch containing "All the Waters of the World" and brought back to his abandoned village. He meets the injured Pilot, a Templar left by the Rats to die a slow and painful death. The two begin their journey and Pilot beings training Karic to one day live up to Wotan's prophecy and save their people.

Pilot formally knights Karic, making him an official member of the Templar. Soon they go to see the Readers of the Wheat, Templar prophets who hold themselves up in the Great Ash Tree, surrounded by the Fields of Gold to tell them of young mouse who will save them all.

Cassius, a fellow Templar attacks Pilot and it is discovered that Pilot is a liar and a deceiver who secretly brought the Rats to Cricket's Glen in the first place. Karic attempts to save Pilot, but is stabbed by Cassius. He is miraculously saved from certain death and makes a full recovery, offering proof that he has in fact been chosen by Wotan. Pilot's lies catch up to him as he is shunned by the Readers of the Wheat and is taken away by bats. Micah, one of the Readers of the Wheat, asks Cassius to train him properly as Karic is brought into the ranks of the Templar.

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