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Karen Kasumi was born to a faithful mother. Karen learnt quickly to control her power to create fire. When her mother saw that, she considered her like a daemon. She isolated them into a church. She often hit her daughter and told her she would prefer to not have her. Karen had only a teddy bear for friend. The religious men tried to convince her mother to let them take care of Karen. They could teach her how to use her power to help people. She refused. One day, her mother wounded Karen too much. An ambulance was called. Her mother didn’t want to let her daughter, yelled in the middle of the street and was hit by a car. Karen waked up at hospital and learnt her mother’s death. She was sad because her mother was the only person who cried for her.



Years past, Karen learnt by religious how to use her power correctly and her destiny to be a seal. She becomes very faithful, but she has also a free mind. Indeed she decides to be a hostess in a soaplands of Shinjuku. Her work permits her to meet Seiichiro Aoki, another Dragons of Heaven. She really appreciates him and they become friends.

Karen sees regularly Kamui Shiro’s house whose belong now to Tokiko Magami. One day men in black kidnap Tokiko. She sees Karen, asks her to burn her house and launches a spell on Karen. Karen executes her order and burns the house. She observes the arrival of Kamui, Sorata Arisugawaand Arashi Kishu astonished to see this. She let them leave the place.



Days past, Karen decides to enter in contact with other seals. She often returns to Kamui’s home hoping she finds a dragon of Heaven. One day she finds Sorata and Arashi talking together. Karen, lightly dressed enters in the conversation. She explains she just left her work to bring a message to Kamui from Tokiko. She reveals she burnt Tokiko’s house at her demand. She introduces herself as Karen Kasumi, one of the Seven Seals. She tells them to say to Kamui to protect the Sacred Sword. She must return to her work. Sorata asks her which Shrine she comes from. Karen, amused, tells him that she comes from the Flower, lets Sorata a visit card and leaves them into a flame show. The card reveals that the Flower is a soapland.

With her destiny to be a seal, Karen feels each important event: the destruction of a kekkai for instance. So she feels when Fuma Mono wakes up as Kamui and feels the death of Kotori Mono. Kotori was buried inside Clamp School. Sorata arrives, hugs Kamui and tries to comfort him. The other seals do their appearance, even Karen Kasumi. She is surprise to see an old acquaintance in the person of Seiichiro Aoki. Karen introduces herself to Kamui. She delivers him Tokiko’s message: to bring the sacred sword at the heart of Clamp School. It is at this moment that Nokoru Imonoyama, Akira Iyuin and Suo Takamura do their appearance. They will show them the emplacement to protect the sacred sword. Karen follows them and Kamui seals the sacred sword.

Fire and Water


Three months past, Shinjuku was destroyed and Daisuke Saiki is dead. Karen calls Seiichiro at her apartment and prepares a tea for him. They talk about Shinjuku and the last events. She offers her condolences for the death of Daisuke. Seiichiro explains he must not be sad because it was his wish to die for Hinoto. For Karen, it is impossible to not cry the persons you lost. They learn at television that the Yamanote Line is attacked. Karen wants to go alone because Seiichiro has a family and the other seals are too young. Seiichiro disagrees with her and wants to go too. But Karen has prepared this possibility. She put sleeping pills on his tea and tells him no one will cry for her death. Karen arrives at Yamanote line, creates a kekkai and attacks Nataku. With her pyrokinetic powers, Karen beats easily Nataku. She asks him why he did that. He explains he has no feelings. She replies everyone has feelings. That is at this moment that Yuto Kigai attacks with his hydrokinetic powers. Like before, Yuto jokes with his opponent. The fight is intense and no one take the advantage. Seiichiro does his entrance in order to help Karen. He hurts himself his leg in order to diminish the effect of the sleeping pills. Yuto proposes to cancel their fight in order to take care of their injured partner. Karen accepts the draw and disrupts her kekkai. She requires Seiichiro some explanations. He answers that he would cry if Karen dies. She thanks him.



Days later, Fuma succeeds to destroy Yamanote line. Karen is sad to see Yamanote line destroyed. She was created this kekkai. She met Seiichiro. She asks if his family is safe. She is glad to hear that. Karen redoes her promise to not fight alone. They feel a new earthquake. Karen tries to stop Nataku; but he succeeds to destroy a new kekkai. Even if he is an angel, Karen sees in him an innocent child.

Like a Son


Tokyo is on ruin. Karen is wondering if Nataku is the responsible. But even if he is an angel, she is worried about his sadness. Seiichiro arrives and apologises to be late. Karen is amused because Seiichiro doesn’t wear his costume like always. He apologises; but Karen is glad to see another face of Seiichiro. They go to the Diet Building. The true Hinoto still tries unsuccessfully to stop the dark Hinoto. Karen and Seiichiro arrive. She tells them that the next target is Ginza. They decide to go alone at the great joy of Hinoto.

Karen and Seiichiro arrive at Ginza. A feeling of danger surrounds the place. Karen creates a kekkai and asks Seiichiro to do the same. She wants to be sure that place won’t be destroyed. It is at this moment that Nataku attacks Ginza. When he sees that is Karen is opponent, Nataku is sad. But his duty is to destroy the kekkai, so he attacks them. They dodge each attack and they are wondering why Nataku launches always the same attack. Nataku begs Karen to leave the place. For Karen, this request is a proof that Nataku has feelings. He explains to her that he is a clone and he always heard he has no soul and no feelings. Karen understands because she lived the same thing with her mother. Seiichiro tries to intervene, but he is stopped by Karen. She asks Nataku if he knows what do the Seven Angels. He reveals that he had some information by Tomoharu Tojyo. He said a Yumemi told him that his grand-daughter would die twice and would be concern by the “Jour de la Promesse”. That was why he asked Nataku to steal the sacred sword in order to be sure he would not die. Karen is happy to learn that there is a person who loves him. She asks him why he joined the Dragons of Earth. He explains he wants to be with Fuma. It is another proof that Nataku has feelings because he loves Fuma. It is at this moment that Fuma does his entrance. For Karen, he looks like Seiichiro, her dearest person. Fuma sees that Nataku has another wish. That is why he wants to check which one is the more important. He attacks Karen, but Nataku saves her. Fuma requires Nataku to leave, but Karen tells him to follow his heart. He takes his decision. So Fuma launches a massive attack. Seiichiro dodges it, but it is the intervention of Nataku which permits to Karen to not be injured. Fuma stares at them. Karen asks Nataku to let her, but he doesn’t want. He knows that Karen has no chance with Fuma. He stays to protect Karen and Fuma kills him. Nataku has just the time to say that the yumemi Tomoharu Tojyo saw was Hinoto. Karen argues Fuma to explain this. Fuma explains that was the dearest wish of Nataku: to die for his dearest person by the person he loves. Nataku assimilates Karen as his mother and Fuma as his father. Karen doesn’t understand why he killed Nataku if he knew that. Fuma thinks everyone must have their wish realised. Some people like Karen wish to die for someone, others have a different wish. For Karen, it is intolerable to kill someone. For Fuma it is necessary if they want to take care of their dearest thing. Karen becomes completely mad and attacks Fuma. But he is too strong. Fuma decides to leave in order to respect Nataku’s wish. Moreover he lets Nataku’s corpse to Karen because he knows she will take care of him.

Karen buried Nataku near Kotori. Kamui joins Karen. She explains she considered Nataku like her child. She is sad as Fuma is. She reveals to Kamui that Fuma said the more a person is important for us, the more we hurt him. Karen tells Kamui to question Fuma the next time he will see him. Kamui has come to ask a question. He asks her if Tokiko’s kidnappers are some men in black. She confirms it at the great despair of Kamui.

Jour de la Promesse


The “jour de la promesse” arrives when Kamui unseals the sacred sword. Karen is ready to the final war and stays with Kamui in order to fight the seven angels.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Like every dragon, Karen could jump the high of a building.


Karen can create and control fire.


Like every seals, Karen can create a kekkai which permits to protect a zone.


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