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Swamp Thing # 1 (Volume 2)
Swamp Thing # 1 (Volume 2)

Casey first met  Swamp Thing in the town of Limbo, North Carolina, where angry residents attacked the girl, believing her to be evil. Swamp Thing took Casey under his wing following the death of her father, Patrick, and she began to accompany him on his journeys. It was  revealed that she had telekinetic abilities when the pair traveled to Rosewood, Illinois, aboard a freight train. Rosewood had been besieged by vampires, and when a pack of the creatures attacked the train, Casey used her powers to transform two shards of wood into a crucifix, immolating a female vampire trying to attack her. This would be the first evidence that Casey was not who she appeared to be.  Later, Casey was kidnapped by Paul Feldner, a man possessed by a demon that enjoyed killing children. Casey once again used telekinesis on a drape located next to Feldner, distracting her captor, and the girl escaped before she could be harmed.

Casey would then use her psychic powers to physically age herself to adulthood. A baffled Swamp Thing and his allies then discovered an adult Casey in pursuit of a mystic pendulum, once belonging to Hitler's most powerful occultists. One of Swamp Thing's allies, Harry Kay, told Swamp Thing that he used to be a kapo, a Jewish trustee of the Nazi guards at Dachau. Paul Feldner revealed that Casey was the herald of the "Beast", the Antichrist as foretold in the Book of Revelations. In order to stop her, Feldner and Kay reconstruct the Golem, but it sensed Casey's presence stored in a locket around Swamp Thing's neck, and moved in to destroy him.  

 Herald Of The Beast
 Herald Of The Beast

Swamp Thing deactivated the Golem by erasing one of the Hebrew letters inscribed on it's head, and Casey challenged Swamp Thing and his allies to a duel in a synagogue that Harry Kay once worshipped in. Swamp Thing managed to kill Casey,  but her evil spirit tricked the group, and they found themselves trapped within the Temple of the Beast. After being forced to run an elaborate maze filled with various death-traps, Swamp Thing and his allies emerged from the maze unharmed. With Casey's spirit defeated, she no longer posed a threat to the group.  


Powers And Abilities

  • Apparition (Casey Took The Form Of An Evil Spirit Following Her Death)
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Divine Powers
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Magic
  • Mental Telepathy
  • Necromancy
  • Power Item  
  • Psychic
  • Reality Manipulation
  • Shape Shifter
  • Telekinesis

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