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    Karasu is a character from the manga/anime Yu Yu Hakusho. Karasu is a memeber of Team Toguro in the dark tournament. Karasu has the power to transfer his power into his opponents bodys to blow them up

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    Karasu originally acted alone, but eventually he came into with The Toguro Brothers when he fought and was defeated by them. However Toguro spared his life, after which he joined Team Toguro alongside Bui and the Togure Brothers to fight in the Dark Tournament.During the tournament the team dominated their opponents,while Karasu developed a fixation on rival Team Urameshi member Kurama. Team Toguro then easily makes it to the finals against Team Urameshi where Karasu and Kurama have the opening match, which Karasu quickly dominates until Kurama transforms into his Yoko Kurama form dominating Karasu until the transformation ends. He then prepares for the kill, but instead is killed by a plant from Kurama piercing his heart.However despite his death, he gave Team Toguro their first victory as Kurami remained on the ground for over ten seconds.

    Powers and Abilities

    Karasu would utilize his demonic energy to create invisible explosives as his typical offense. He could utilize these in several variations such as tracers which follow an opponent or hidden traps which explode.


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