Character » Karaqan appears in 11 issues.

    The Karaqan is one of the legendary Atlantean avatar beasts that served as primal protectors of Atlantis.

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    Karaqan was created by Aquaman writer Jeff Parker and artist Paul Pelletier. He made his debut in Aquaman #26

    Current Events

    The Karaqan awakes when the personnel of Triton Base discover it in the Northern Atlantic and try to harvest it, thinking the Karaqan is dead and fossilized.

    It proceeds to wreak havoc in the port of Reykjavik in Iceland and the military is proven ineffective against it. The creature tears apart one ocean liner cruise ship and incinerates multiple fighter jets before Aquaman arrives on the scene. The Atlantean Council members Neol and Koah recognize the beast as one of the legendary protectors from the the past of Atlantis. Aquaman notes that Karaqan is possibly bigger than Topo.

    After a fierce battle Aquaman kills the creature with his Trident , which then self immolates, destroying it's remains.

    During the battle Aquaman makes telepathic contact with the creature and discovers it's history. The creature is a legendary avatar beast and champion of Atlantis, sworn to obey the royal family. Aquaman witnessed how the creature destroyed an invading force of Othermen and how it was celebrated and loved by the people of Atlantis. The Karaqan possesses intelligence as it can follow orders and appreciate gratitude.

    Later Dr. Orson from the Triton Base uses a Karaqan sample to create the new Creature King.

    Powers & Abilities

    Karaqan is a colossal crustacean megaform cryptozoid and legendary protector of Atlantis.

    Superhuman Strength

    Karaqan is immense in size and strong enough to pick up and tear apart an entire ocean liner cruise ship or knock out Aquaman temporarilly by stomping on him.


    Karaqan is crustacean looking and is protected by an extremely tough carapace that makes it invulnerable to fighter jet missiles and Aquaman's strongest punches.

    Underwater Adaptation

    The Karaqan can function normally underwater and is unaffected by the temperatures and pressures of the deep.


    It can survive both on land and underwater.


    The Karaqan can live for an extended period of time. According to Triton Base it's older than 2700 years.


    The Karaqan uses it's massive mouth to attack and eat it's enemies. It can eat through a ship or a submarine and consume entire squads of opponents.

    Flame Breath

    The Karaqan can project blast of green flame from it's mouth, strong enough to incinerate multiple fighter jets.


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