Character » Karaoğlan appears in 106 issues.

    A Turkic warrior in 13th century's Central Asia.

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    Created by Suat Yalaz, Karaoglan is a young Uyghur from Altai who lives in the 13th century during the reign of Genghis Khan (although in the very first series he lived in the 5th century during the reign of Attila). He was raised by an old couple. His father Baybora commited him to them after he was injured during a fight in which Karaoglan's mother died. At first he hadn't a name, was called "Adsiz" (nameless) after he got the nick Karaoglan (Turkish for "Black Boy" because of his hair).

    Karaoglan is a specialist in fighting with the sword, archery and horseback riding. During the series he undergoes many adventures from China to the Eastern Roman Empire.

    Karaoglan is one of Turkey's most popular comic book characters. He had an important influence on a genre in Turkish comics about heroes during the time of old Turkic epochs.

    During the time many filmations came out (the first one was "Altaydan Gelen Yigit" from 1965). Creator Suat Yalaz directed the first six movies.


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