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Karaku the volcano god is a colossal beast worshiped as a god in the Atlantean safe haven dimension of Pacifica where Atlanna rules. He rests inside a volcano but when he stands up he is taller than that. Beside him rest multiple Fire Trolls that seem to obey him.

Atlanna keeps Karaku at bay by using the Staff of Storms and offering him sacrifices periodically.

After Aquaman and Mera are captured by Atlanna's army she tries to make a sacrifice of Aquaman and Mera but they escape. Karaku is angered and awakens shaking the entire island they are on.


Karaku the Volcano God was created by Aquaman writer Jeff Parker and artist Paul Pelletier. He made his debut in Aquaman 38.

Powers & Abilities

Karaku is an enormous volcanic creature, a living volcano for all intents and purposes.

Superhuman Strength

All Fire Trolls possess superhuman strength that allows them to go toe to toe with Aquaman, but Karaku dwarfs them due to his immense size. He casually broke out of a volcano and his mere movement shakes the earth.

Enhanced Durability

All Fire Trolls have enhanced durability and are immune to heat and fire attacks.

Lava Generation

All Fire Trolls can project lava from their bodies and mouth. Even when doused with water they regenerate the lava in a matter of seconds.


Karaku can reform even after being destroyed.


Karaku commands all the other normal sized Fire Trolls.


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