Kaolla Su

    Character » Kaolla Su appears in 29 issues.

    Su is an extremely hyperactive exchange student from the island of Molmol. She is a technological genius and is constantly making new inventions.

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    General Information

    Kaolla Su's most defining characteristic is her boundless energy. She is always in motion; either cannonballing into the Hinata hot springs or giving Keitaro Urashima a boot to the face. Her enthusiasm hides the fact that she is afraid of change. In a later volume of Love Hina, Su reveals she's a princess and kidnaps Keitaro to her home island of Molmol. Her plan was to move Hinata House to the island so things would always stay the same.

    Su is also a master of technology and has all the latest video game consoles. Throughout the course of the series she manufactures various tracking devices, stealth suits, cannons and missiles. Her most famous inventions are the Mecha Tama-Chans, devised to combat the threat of the turtle scourge! A list of Su's inventions appears in the trivia section of this article.

    Su has a tremendous appetite. When she's introduced to something new she has a habit of asking if it tastes good or if she can eat it. She'll usually be seen eating bananas, and is involved in several failed attempts to eat Tama-chan. When the Hinata residents performed a summer play for local children, Su happily portrayed the pig.

    Su undergoes a transformation whenever there's a red moon. She changes into an adult version of herself. Su says she feels closer to her homeland when this happens because the desert winds often cause a red moon on Molmol.

    At Hinata House

    Su was the third resident to arrive at Hinata House, after Kitsune and Naru Narusegawa. She is the second youngest and is one grade ahead of Shinobu Maehara.

    Su has tendency to latch on to someone. Naru and Kitsune were both glad when Motoko Aoyama arrived, because she was the only one who had the stamina to keep up with Su. Su's friendship with Motoko borders on the romantic, at least as far as Su is concerned. To Motoko's consternation, she is Su's first kiss.(Su says Motoko tastes like soy sauce). In Molmol, when Su was plotting to marry Keitaro, she tells him that she also plans on taking Motoko as a lover/bodyguard.

    Despite being several years younger than Su, Sarah Macdougal becomes her companion in mischief. They are usually seen hanging around together and they discover the secret passages inside Hinata House. They also share a love of beating up Keitaro.

    Despite the constant beatings(or perhaps because he can withstand them), Su has great affection for Keitaro. She teases him and will often try to stuff him full of food(usually curry-flavored). Su later explains to Keitaro and Naru that they remind her of her brother and sister back home.

    Su lives in room 301. Keitaro is shocked the first time he enters her room because she has made it resemble the rain forests of her homeland.

    The Island of Molmol

    Molmol is an island in the south Pacific Ocean; located near the International Date Line. Along with Parakelse, it was once part of the Great Turtle Civilization that ruled the Pacific Ocean. Su is a member of the current ruling family that includes her mother, brother, and sister. None of her family are actually shown in the manga, though her brother does send Keitaro a letter inviting him to study in Molmol.


    The final two chapters of Love Hina are an epilogue that takes place several years after the bulk of the main story. It is revealed that Su has gone to Tokyo University(like the other residents apart from Kitsune) and is a third year law student. She is still a bit of a mad scientist and shows off the Sarah robot she had made.


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