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    Kankuro is one of the Sand Siblings, the older brother to Gaara and the younger brother to Temari. He is an aspiring puppet-master.

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    Kankurou's real birth date is unknown. All we do know is that he is the second oldest child of the Fourth Kazekage and he was born 14-15 years ago.

    When Naruto first met him, he tries to beat up Konohamaru. The next time Naruto sees him and Gaara is at the first part of the Chunin Exams. During the preliminaries, he takes down Misumi Tsurugi with Crow (Karasu) . This puppet appears later when he fights Shino in the forest of Death. He later saves Kiba from Ukon and Sakon, using Crow and Black Ant (Kuroari), leading to a violent and bloody death for Ukon and Sakon.

    In the second series, he is the assistant to Gaara. When Sasori and Deidara take Gaara, Kankurou goes after them. He takes on the puppet-master Sasori with Crow, Black Ant, and Salamander (Sanshouo), but loses; especially since Sasori was the one who built Kankuro's puppets and knew all their tricks.

    Kankuro later acts as Gaara's bodyguard, along with Temari, travelling to the Kage summit in the Land of Iron to discuss what to do about Akatsuki. When Sasuke interupts the summit, Kankuro reveals his newest puppet, Scorpion (Sasori).


    Originally Kankuro carries his puppets, but he later carries around scrolls that summon the puppets. Two of the puppets he had when he was younger, Crow and Black Ant. Crow shoots poison, needles, and has hidden blades; Black Ant can trap and people inside of it's torso and, when used in junction with Crow, impales the captive opponent. His third puppet, Salamander, shoots fire and acts as a shield. After the defeat of Sasori , Kankuro has taken the former Akatsuki member as his newest puppet.


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