Character » Kandor appears in 2 issues.

    Kandor is the lover of Hila and an enemy to Aquaman. He has mind-controlling skills and genetically engineered his own army.

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    Kandor was created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney.

    Major Story Arcs


    Kandor was exiled from Dimension Aqua along with Mera's identical twin sister Hila. Hila tracked down her sister, who was now Queen of Atlantis, and asked her to help free her of Kandor's hold over her. Aquaman and Mera travel to Kandor's lair and Mera enters alone, pretending to be her sister delivering the jewelled starfish. She finds a robed toad upon the throne and believes it to be a mutated Kandor. The real Kandor takes her by surprise and as Mera calls for help it is revealed that Aquaman is already a captive.

    It was Kandor and Hila's plan all along to capture Aquaman. Kandor's ultimate goal was to locate the "Seven Golden Eels" and take their power for his own. Aquaman refuses to reveal their location so Kandor threatens the Sea King. First by hurling harpoons at Aquaman, who manages to dodge them. Then by trying to crush him with a pendulum, but once again Aquaman survives. Finally, Kandor sends his army of armadillo men to attack Aquaman, but they too are defeated. Kandor lashes out at Aquaman himself when his army fails and is able to gain the upper hand.

    Hila then intervenes to stop Kandor killing the Sea King. Mera's native abilities are returned to her but then she is gassed by Kandor who believes her to be Hila, the gas putting her under his control. He makes her fight the real Hila and Mera wins, injuring her sister. This is when Kandor realizes his mistake and rushes to his lover's side. Kandor's armadillo warriors decide to revolt and try to crush their former leader with a giant, spiked, roller wheel. Mera creates a ramp out of hard water and stops the roller. Kandor then releases Mera from his control as Aqualad arrives. Aqualad has news from Dimension Aqua - Hila and Kandor's exile had been cleared and they could return to Dimension Aqua.


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