Kanan Jarrus

    Character » Kanan Jarrus appears in 42 issues.

    A young Padawan apprentice of Depa Billaba during the fall of the Old Republic. He became a Jedi rebel afterwards. Leads a Rebel group alongside with Hera Syndulla, he is also the master of Ezra Bridger.

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    Kanan Jarrus was a young boy whom was being trained to become a Jedi Knight during the final days of the old Republic.


    Kanan Jarrus was created for the Star Wars: Rebels television series, but was brought into comics when Marvel re-acquired the rights to publish once more. His first comic book appearance was in Kanan - The Last Padawan issue 1 (2015).

    Major Story Arcs

    Dark Times

    Kanan as a padawan (left), smuggler  (right) and rebel (middle)
    Kanan as a padawan (left), smuggler (right) and rebel (middle)

    While Caleb Dume was with on a mission with his Jedi Master, Senator Palpatine executed Order 66, which caused the clone troopers whom had stood with them for years, to turn against the Jedi. Caleb had to flee and went underground, fearing for his life since the Jedi had been made enemies of the newly formed Empire.

    While in hiding, he rid himself of his name and disguised himself as a new person. He became nameless and worked with Janus Kasmir as a black market dealer, but not for long. The clones that turned on him never stopped searching and during one deal, they attacked and stole him. He fought his way out of their ship and detonated it, killing the clones he once fought with for years.

    Caleb then realized that as long as he is with Janus, Janus will never be safe. So he left him and joined a group of rebels under the new name Kanan Jarrus.

    Other Media

    Star Wars: Rebels animated series

    Kanan as he appears on the show
    Kanan as he appears on the show

    Kanan Jarrus appears in the new animated series, in which he is the star of the show.


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