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    The former Captain of the 9th Squad of the Gotei 13, Kaname Tosen is a blind Soul Reaper known for his peculiar decisions, goggles, and his zanpakuto: Suzumushi (Pure Insect). He was close friends with the captain of the 7th division, Sajin Komamura. His lieutenant in the 9th division is Shuuhei Hisagi.

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    Birthday: November 13

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 61 kg

    Hair: Dark Brown

    Eyes: Lavender

    Race: Hollow/Shinigami


    Tosen is a thin, dark skinned male Hollow/Shinigami. He was blind since birth. He has pupil-less pale lavender eyes and long dark brown braids. He usually keeps his hair tied in a ponytail. When he was still the captain of the 9th Division, He wore the standard shinigami uniform with his captain's haori over it He also wore an goggles, an orange scarf around his neck, white boots, and black, fingerless gloves.

    After his defection, Tosen change his appearance. His clothing became similar to an Arrancar and he no longer tied his braids in a ponytail. He wore a white sleeveless coat over black hakama, white boots, longer gloves, band-like visor, and an orange rope coming from his right shoulder running across his chest to under his left arm.


    Tosen was a man that claimed to believe in peace. His life philosophy was to "take the path with the least bloodshed". According to him, this was the reason for his defection. He was shown to be prideful and arrogant sometimes. He referred to himself as a "pure being" on more than one occasion. He does not feel remorse over his actions when he feels he is doing it for the right reasons. When he was still 5th seat in the 9th division, he willing to attack and kill members of his own division and hollowfy his own captain,

    Kensei Muguruma. Zaraki Kenpachi has stated that Tosen and Gin Ichimaru are both afraid of death. Tosen later confirms this by saying he "only feared being assimilated into the Shinigami culture and dying a pointless death".He has an extreme dislike for Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and Kenpachi because he feels they are both killing machines that only cause more bloodshed in the world and this goes against his personal philosophy.


    Kaname Tousen decided to join the shinigami academy, in memory of someone very close to him. Not much is known about his early life or how he came to meet this particular woman, but her views on life was something Tousen decided to follow himself. Eventually his friend was accepted into the shinou academy, and eventually became a shinigami, in order to bring peace to the world. At some point she married, but things took a turn for the worse, when over an argument with her husband about his actions over killing anther over a petty quarrel she was killed. Tousen tried to get an audience with the central 46 over his friends killer getting the death penalty, but he was turned away. From that point on Tousen dedicated his life to following the path of justice, for his friend, and her beautiful world.

    Tousen would become a member of the 5th division, it was their he first met Aizen Sosuke. During a walk Tousen would first meet Sajin Komamura, whom he didn't notice at first, something which suprised him, as Komamura was the first person to completely hid his spiritual power away from Tousen's senses. At that point on the two became best friends. Tousen becoming happy that his friend too would become a shinigami, who told Tousen that he joined because he owed a debt to someone who saved his life. Tousen would often talk about his friend, always telling of her beautiful world. At some pont Tousen would transfer to the ninth division, becoming the 5th seat under Kensei Muguruma.

    Turn Back The Pendulum

    Along with other members of his division, including his captain, and his lieutenant Msociety, Mashiro Kuna. Tousen and the ninth division are sent on a mission to investigate a series of odd disappearances that have been occurring around soul society despite a vanguard already been sent out, which Mashiro notes. During their search Tousen and the other seated members have to put up with Mashiro's childish antics, and having to restrain their captain. During their search, they notice a group of young orphans being attacked by a large hollow. The group head to kill the hollow but their attack is useless. Eventually the hollow is killed by Kensei's shikai.

    The ninth division go onto find some clothing, which belonged to the original search squad. Thinking the attacker will eventually move closer into the soul society, Kensei asks request for a researcher from the 12th division to come, while he sets up camp in order to stop the atacker in case it decides to atack. Tousen goes along with his captain.

    Standing guard outside his captains tent, the other two members arrive, and try and take over Kaname's position, allowing him to rest, but Kaname thinks the should all take guard. At this point Tousen kills his partners, and he himself is also believed dead by Kensei, who Tousen attacks using his bankai. Later on when Shinji arrives, and asks why Tousen betrayed his captain. Aizen reveals himself to be behd the mysterious atacks along with Gin, and tells Shinji that Tousen was following orders, his own. When the group of future vizards have been subdued through hollowfication Tousen has a short fight with Shinji. He also shows some fear towards Aizen. Eventually the trio leave, after a interaction with Kisuke and Tessla, whom tries to stop the trio with a kido spell, but Aizen blocks it. Due to Aizen's abilities the trio get away with their crimes.


    At some point in time Tousen would eventually rise the ranks and become the captain of the ninth division. Replacing the man he had once betrayed. During his time as a captain, Tousen would meet Shuhei Hisagi, whom he had helped saved many years before. Tousen would become a mentor type figure to Hisagi, guiding him in life, and helping shape him into a strong shinigami. Tousen would help Hisagi through many hard times, his own views of feeling fear in battle, and following a path of justice, was taken up by Hisagi.

    Meeting The King Of Hueco Mundo

    At some point in time Tousen along with Aizen and gin go to hueco mundo, in order to meet up with the current king Barragan Luisenbarn. Barragan welcomes the men to his palace. Kaname attacks and kills a large hollow. Tousen questions how a place with no ceiling can be a palace, which Barragan claims the very sky itself is his ceiling. Aizen tells him subbordinate off for trying to start a battle. When Aizen asks Barragan to join him, the king laughs at Aizen and tells his army to kill, but it is then that Aizen reveals Kyoka Suigetsu, revealing that Barragan had been caught in an illusion, showing that while the two were talking, Gin and Kaname had decimated his army.

    Soul Society Captains

    Tousen makes his first official appearance during the meeting of the captains, dealing with the sudden invasion of Ichigo and his friends. Tousen goes on to tell Ichimaru, that Ukiatake is relieved from the meeting due to his illness.

    After the apparent death of Sosuke Aizen. Tousen along with Komamura go to check up on the autopsy done by Retsu Unohana, whom confirms that the death is indeed real and is not a fake body. She tells the captains to return. On heir way they run into their respective lieutenant. When Hisagi asks about Aizen, Tousen just shakes his head, and tells them they should deal with the invasion.

    Tousen vs Zaraki Kenpachi

    Later on Tousen with Komamura, stand before Kenpachi and question why he decided to help the invaders. It is at this time that Tousen reveals his feelings for Kenpachi, seeing him nothing more than a demon that disturbs the peace. Tousen and Sajin then do battle with Kenpachi, each using their shikai, but are shocked that kenpachi can survive such attacks. Tousen then goes onto explain how one can become a captain, as he uses his bankai, gaining the advantage, but Kenpachi quickly figures out how to get past Tousen's bankai, and easily defeats his fellow captain, but before he can kill him Sajin steps in.


    After that Tousen is not shown for a while, but later appears in front of Renji Abari who is carrying Rukia Kuchiki, having been healed of the wounds he suffered at the hands of Kenpachi. Tousen uses a special kind of material to teleport himself to Aizen's location, were he reveals that himself, along with Aizen and Gin are traitors. Tousen watches multiple attempts by Renji, Ichigo and Komamura to put a stop to Aizen only to fail. Later on when the trio attempt to leave, they are captured, with Tousen being captured by Hisagi. The 3 are then saved by the hollows, and depart to hueco mundo. An angry Sajin questions were Tousen's justice is, but Tousen assures him that he is following the path of least bloodshed.



    White Despair Tosen's hollowfication release
    White Despair Tosen's hollowfication release

    In recent chapters it has been revealed that Aizen has granted Tosen with a power greater than bankai, and one which places him on a new level of power. This is revealed to be hollowfication, the same process which granted the


    's and

    Ichigo Kurosaki

    hollow based powers. Like them Tosen places his hand in front of his face and gathers spiritual energy that summons a hollow mask. The process of summoning this mask is so great a huge burst of spiritual energy is released, causing Komamura and Hisagi to shield themselves. The mask is completely white save for a slit down the center. It covers his entire head and neck apart from a hole in the back which allows his hair to hang loose. His upper body attire also changes, he loses the sash and his chest area becomes more armored.

    No Caption Provided

    In this form Tosen has revealed to be incredibly strong. Just like any other who has been through the same process he gains a great increase in spiritual power. Due to not only using his own energy but the energy around him. Even summoning his mask caused a huge amount of spiritual power to be released. His speed also increases, moving fast enough and cutting Hisagi before he was even aware of his former captain's movement. His strength also increases, he was able to stop Komamura's shikai with his blade using one hand, and looking away. He also kicked Sajin with enough force that sent him crashing to the building's below.


    Like the Arrancars' and Espada Aizen has gone as far as giving Tosen and Gin a Resureccion a power that only the Arrancar/Espada were thought to have. His resureccion is called Suzumushi Hyakushiki Grillar Grillo, which transforms him into a large fly like instectoid. His resureccion also restores Tosen's eye sight. His resurreccion gives him a sound based attack of tremendous power.


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