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Kaname first appears after Seaman's betrayal at Yusuke's friend's apartment. He shoots small dice through the glass window and scares the others into following Sensui into the street. Just then, Sensui releases a huge energy blast that nearly annihilates the building, but Seaman survives. Sensui then takes that distraction and kidnaps Kuwabara while Kaname slips into an alley unseen and boards his motorcycle. Kurama almost catches him, but his motorcycle is too fast, and he evades the latter's rose whip.

Later, as Yusuke chases after Sensui's truck on a bicycle, Kaname runs him off the road by flicking a dice at the back of the bike. The others drive off and Kaname declares a five-hundred meter radius as his territory and imprints targets on Yusuke's heart, arms and navel. He throws a barrage of sharp kitchen utensils, then a large truck. Realizing he has made it too easy on himself, Kaname reveals a pistol, with which he shot into the fuel truck, nearly blowing up Yusuke. However, Hiei saves him just in time and avoids Kaname's bullets to impale him on his sword and carefully avoiding Kaname's vital organs when doing so.

Kaname is next seen, having been fully-healed, talking with the Doctor , who escaped prison. Doctor commented that Hiei's sword missed all of Kaname's vital organs, which the Doctor believes Hiei did on purpose. He is later with his sister as they attempt to discern just who exactly had killed a stray cat with crossbow arrows. The culprits end up being three of his classmates, and he vows to make them know what it's like to be hunted. After graduating high school, he disappears (in the manga he is said to have given his mother a package of one million yen a few years later).


Superior Marksmanship: Normally, it is very hard to aim a handgun at a target and hit it precisely, especially if there's no type of aim assistor. Kaname Hagiri manages to overcome both of these setbacks, and as a result is an incredibly accurate shot with his handgun. He demonstrates this by shooting the tanker hundreds of yards away, and traveling many mph, and from the top of a cliff to boot. Also, he manages to hit every one of Hiei's afterimages, before the swordsman impales him. It is speculated that his aim with his handgun may be enhanced by his abilities.

Telekinetic Projectiles: Kaname was given his nickname because he can shoot any small object (i.e.marbles, dice, darts) as if they were bullets by coating them with his energy. He launches them by flicking his fingers and propels them with telekinesis. Their power is enough to blast through walls and pierce human skin. He can also control the density of any object he fires, its weight, and how fast it will shoot. Genkai estimated his effective distance to be over 500 yards, or five football fields, away. He can also transfer his energy into anything else, provided he has enough energy to maintain it. If he can't, he'll obfuscate.

Death Print Bull's Eye: Kaname's territory, made by using his energy to manifest targets on an opponents' body, after imprinting his energy to imprint where he decides he wants them. Kaname can shoot his projectiles and they will never miss their targets. He doesn't even have to aim, because anything will home in on the targets. He can use anything to hit his target, even driverless trucks, provided he can maintain the concentration required for exessively large objects. The only downside is that its effective range is less than his: the range of the territory is only 200 meters.


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