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Race: Human 
Origin: Jiiha Village
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Red
Occupation: Founder of Team Dai Gurren and Former Leader.


Kamina was a tall and slightly muscled man. He has light blue spiky hair and red eyes.He is frequently seen wearing a pair of crimson glasses.  He goes around shirtless and has tribal tattoos covering both of his arms which extend to his shoulders and near his upper back. He is sometimes seen wearing a cape and carrying a sword. The sword once belonged to the Jiiha Village Chief before Kamina stole it.


Kamina was an optimist and an idealist.  He had a fiery spirit and tried not to let things get him down. Despite his  tendency to do crazy and stupid things, he was surprisingly intelligent and fairly deep. He loves those that are important to him and will fight with all his strength to protect them. He had a brotherly relationship to Simon and saw him as a little brother and partner in crime. He also had a romantic relationship with Yoko.

In the Story


 As a child, Kamina's father managed to reach the surface. He wanted to take Kamina with him, but Kamina was too scared of the strange world awaiting him, so his dad left him, promising to meet up again later on. Years later, Kamina decided he was old enough and began to aim for the surface.

Beastman War

 As his first act of notoriety, Kamina forms "Team Gurren" and convinces his "soul-brother," Simon, to help him with his plan to drill through the roof of the village and get to the world above. However, the plan fails. Kamina willingly takes the blame for disrupting the peace and is jailed by the village chief. At night, Simon breaks him out to show him an extraordinary artifact he unearthed, only to be interrupted by a large Gunmen that crashes through the village's ceiling. A young girl sharpshooter named "Yoko" descends from the surface and ends up joining Kamina and Simon as they pilot the newly unearthed Gunmen that Kamina names "Lagann." Together, they defeat the invading Gunmen and reach the surface in the process. 
Along the way the team managed to take a Gunman in which Kamina named ''Gurren'' in which they use to fight a beastman called Viral, but they where unable to defeat him until both Simon and Kamina unite they're Gunman in which Kamina named this new Gunman ''Gurren Lagann''. Then they meet more humans who are also resistant to the Beastman human killing.
The once two-member "Team Gurren" expands to the size of an entire resistance force aiming to overthrow the Beastman Empire. Kamina leads this force and names it "Team Dai-Gurren".They also had a rematched with Viral along the way in which Gurren Lagann also defeated Viral Gunman. Kamina's largest battle involves the capture of one of the enemy’s moving fortresses belonging to one of the Four Divine Generals, Thymilph. The mission is a success, but not without cost. Heavily wounded (Thymilph not only stabbed him through the chest, almost tearing him in two, he also shoots a beam through him, causing severe blood loss), Kamina combines with Simon to form Gurren Lagann and defeats the Beastman General with his signature move: "Giga Drill Breaker." In which Kamina dies after this battle. His last words to Simon where ''Later Buddy''. This caused Simon to fall into depression and leaving Team Dai-Gurren without a leader. Kamina was buried in the battlefield where he died. Even with Kamina still being dead, he remained as the driving force in the show, even being mention in every episode or chapter, whether directly or indirectly. Kamina was usually mention by Simon asking what would he had done if he was still alive.

Anti-Spiral War

After the fall of the Beastman Empire, a new city is built from the ruins of the former capital, Teppelin, and is named "Kamina City." A huge statue of Kamina stands at the center of the city in his honor. However, the monument is destroyed after the citizens discover the truth about the Human Annihilation System and revolt against the government. Later, Simon, under the influence of the Anti-Spirals, witnesses visions of a false childhood where Kamina eggs Simon on to drill into banks and jewelry shops to steal valuables for him. He is shown groveling at the feet of Beastmen on top of a hill, begging for his life and urging Simon to do the same. Simon reaches for his Core Drill and finds it missing. Then the true Kamina appears, wearing his cloak and holding his nodachi, and asks Simon if he lost his Drill. Kamina then reminds Simon that his drill is his soul, that Kamina and his fallen comrades will live on in him, and that he is the one whose drill will pierce the heavens. Simon is reminded of what he is fighting for, for the sake of Nia and for the fate of the Spiral Universe. This breaks the Alternate Space Labyrinth, allowing Simon to reassemble Team Dai-Gurren and face the Anti-Spirals for the final time. The Kamina gives Simon a speech about how the Universe inside him will aways be the right one. They both look at the sky in which Kamina finds in surprising that Simon is taller than him for at least little bit. As Kamina says his final farewell for the show/manga Simon reminds him that he will always be in his heart wheather or not he is there alive or not. Then he says his farewell to Simon along the other diseased Dai-Gurren members.


Kamina had a sword (a Nodachi) in which he stole from the village chief. He then later possessed a  gun that Yoko game him and her rifle to hunt animals.When he fought Viral he used his sword and an arrow he discovered. Kamina also used The Gurren, in contrast Simon used Lagann. Both united they would form The Gurren Lagann.

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