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Honjō Kamatari is very adept in his crossdressing so much so that he appears like a woman to the degree that he throws Misao off completely. 

He is homosexual and loves Shishio Makoto deeply, but knows that he will never be loved like Komagata Yumi nor will he ever become as talented as Seta Sōjirō, who serves as Shishio's right hand man.

 Kamatari is left in charge of the attack on the oni gang by shishio, once there he gets into heated arguments with Kaoru and Misao it is here after foolng them into believeing he's a woman he  reveals that he is a man by lifting his kimono to reveal his genitalia; thus showing that he is biologically a man. he then does battle with the two and has the upper hand mostly even managing to knock Misao out and break a few of her ribs but when they counter attack they break his weapon leaving him almost defenseless. He tries one finale attack and his kneww is broken by Kaoru.


 In shame for failing shishio Kamatari tries to commit suicide with a pin, but Misao hits him, preventing him from driving it into his neck. 
As Kamatari recovers from his injuries, Chō convinces Kamatari that Shishio wanted Kamatari to live so that the world will know of the work done by Shishio's faction; Chō in fact made up the story so that Kamatari would not kill himself. Kamatari becomes a spy for the government and is never seen again.

Skills and Abilities

 Kamatari uses a very heavy Scythe -like weapon, a reaper, with a chain ball on the end of the weapon; this is called Ogama. Kaoru estimated that the weapon weighs at least 30 kilograms or 78 pounds .
He practices Honjō-ryū, his own style of martial arts with his scythe, and three of his special techniques are seen in the series:
 Midare Benten (Disheveled Benten) is when the scythe is whipped over his head, and the chain forms a sphere, therefore creating both an offensive and defensive attack.  
Benten Mawashi (Unwrapping Benten) makes use of his broken scythe by twirling the blade and chain rapidly like the blade of a helicopter. 


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