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    Kamal is a powerhouse member of the Acolytes with superhuman strength and icy hard skin.

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    Kamal was amongst those Acolytes encountered by the young clone of Magneto and Joseph in the remains of the Acolytes' orbital base Avalon.

    Kamal has not been seen after Cassandra Nova's Sentinels destroyed Genosha, which ended up killing 16 million mutants. Though nothing has been proven or officially stated, Kamal may have been one of the millions of mutants who died during this assault. If this is the case, then his death occurred off-panel. He may also have been among the majority of mutants whose mutant power status on M-Day is unknown, should he have survived the assault on Genosha.


    Kamal was created by Peter Milligan, Jorge Gonzales, and Kelly Jones in 1996 and first appeared in Magneto #1


    He is a mutant with superhuman strength, stamina, and sturdiness, and can transform his body in order to assume the mass and physical properties of matter by coming into contact with it.


    Wolverine And The X-Men

    Kamal appears in the episode "Future X". He's a member of the X-Men in the series version of the future timeline alongside Bishop, Domino, Marrow, Berzerker and the Vanisher, under the lead of the future version of Professor Xavier.


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