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    A humanoid alien race from the planet Kallu who were driven from their home in a centuries long intergalactic war.

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    For ages Kallu was a peaceful planet until an inter-planetary war broke out in their galaxy. The war raged for centuries until finally The Kallusian were driven from their home by The Yirbeks. The outnumbered Kallusians fled to Earth in order to repair their weapons and regroup their forces. However on landing they discovered they could not breathe in Earth's atmosphere and their supply of their own oxygen was quickly running out. Fortunately for The Kallusians, Doctor Svenson was on an expedition in the arctic region where they had landed and stumbled upon their base. The scientist succeeded in producing the oxygen granules that allowed The Kallusins to breathe on Earth. Over the many years they were on Earth, The Kallusians managed to master English by picking up radio and television signals via thier satellite transmitters.


    The Kallusians were created by writers Stan Lee, Paul Laiken and Larry Lieber and artists Jack Kirby and Don Heck in 1965.


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    The Avengers were in desperate need of Dr. Svenson as he was the only one who could perform the complicated surgery required to remove a bullet from The Wasp's lungs. Thor went in search of the Norwegian doctor in his home but instead found a Kallusian alien in disguise. The Avengers then used Mjolnir to track down the real doctor to The Kallusians arctic base. The aliens captured the heroes but Thor broke free and attacked their captors. During the battle Dr. Svenson appeared and demanded the fighting stop else he will no longer serve The Kallusians. With no choice left, Ogor commanded his troops to cease fighting. Svenson explained The Kallusians promised no harm will come to Earth if he helps them so he stayed of his own will. Meanwhile The Yirbeks had tracked down The Kallusians to Earth and attacked one of their outposts. The Kallusians, not wishing to fight their intergalactic enemies and take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes, decide to release the doctor. After The Avengers departed with Svenson, Ogor told his men it's time to stop hiding and they left Earth to resume their centuries old war in space.

    Other Media


    Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    In season 5, episode 20 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Kallusians are named as one of the races who comprise the Confederacy.


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