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    She is the resident sorceress in the team, and cast powerful alien spells. Kalista is also the queen of her native home world and was formerly married to Primus.

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    Pre-Crisis History

    Kalista comes from the Vega Star System, born into royalty on the planet Euphorix. One of the few worlds of the Vega system to remain free from the Citadel's dominance. This was largely due to powerful force-shield which surrounded the entire planet of Euphorix.

    Kalista decided to join a band of renegades which were calling themselves the Omega Men and led by Primus, a young mentalist and freedom fighter. Soon the two would be attracted to each other and through their time together become husband and wife. Together with the rest of the Omega Men they would cross path with the Teen Titans. The young Earth heroes were rescuing member Starfire from the Citadel and her sister Darkfire. During this time Kalista would span the Vegan System ending with the battle which took down the Citadel and brought home the powerful goddess X-Hal to the solar system.

    New 52

    Kalista is a member of the Eurhorix royal family. Her parents, along with the other members of the Omegas, were captured by Lobo and taken aboard his ship the Starpoint, but when it crashed into Earth 30 years ago they escaped. They keep a low profile but then Maxim and his company found them. The company offered them a safe haven but in exchange the company experimented on them and put them to work.

    Kalista later learned she is a sorceress and can project disturbing images into her victims brain.

    Major Story Arcs


    Kalista dies during the Invasion.

    Hunt for Lobo

    After the events of Flashpoint Kalista is alive and is a member of The Omegas. She is a member when they attack Deathstroke while he is at the grave side of his wife Adeline Wilson. She personally doesn't attack Slade but stands by Director Maxim when he offers Slade the contract to hunt down Lobo. When Slade and Zealot break from the group to check out the prison Lobo escaped from Kalista disobeys orders and fallows them. She is jumped by Kharlak and Zealot comes to rescue. When Slade and the Omegas make their final assault against Lobo, on his Starpoint ship, Kalista is oddly absent. And when it is revealed that Primus and the Omegas were the ones who helped Lobo escape in the first place, Kalista and Tigorr have already made their escape.

    Powers and Abilities


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