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    Kalimán is the 7th Man in the dynasty of the goddess Kalí. He is a fair man who dedicates his life body and soul to battle the forces of evil always accompanied by his sidekick Solín, an Egyptian child descendant of Pharaohs.

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    Gentlemen with men, Gallant with the ladies,
    Tender with the children, Implacable with the wicked ones,
    That is ...
    KALIMAN, the incredible man.


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    Kalimán comes from an underground civilization known as Agharta's kingdom.

    His life in the world of The surface begins when he is found by a Hindu king in a river inside a basket and makes him his Inheritor. By ambition of the already supposed inheritor of the throne he is left on his luck in the jungle and lives through a lot of experiences and dangers for 21 years. Changing stage between the jungle, the Lama Monastery, His life among the Mongolians, in a pirate ship, and finally in Africa he decides to return to pay debts in his home village. He returns with the Lama and spends 4 years with his teacher Ralma learning the secrets of the domain of the mind. He receives high honors and decides to continue his way defending the fair causes.


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    Kalimán is a tall man, of approximately 1.90 m, 90Kg. And of great musculature. His skin is white, black hair and one of his more notable characteristics they are his blue eyes. Graceful and manly.

    His face has changed a bit across the years. In the beginning the model of the face was the son of Leopoldo Zea Salas, the artist. For his 26 years the face was drawn being based on different movie actors principally North American, among whom Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis are, nowadays the face has a David Hasselhoff touch.

    Kalimán is hairless, has neither beard nor mustache, though there is a front cover in which the incredible man shows the thorax and has "hair on chest"


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