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    Kalikya is an Inhuman healer.

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    Kalikya was a member of the same group of young Inhumans as Tonaja, Nahrees, Woz, Dinu, Neifi, and Telv (although Telv would be held back and would not graduate with the other six. She was paired with Woz for their studies. Together the group would learn about Inhuman history and culture. On the night before exposure to the Terrigen Mists, Kalikya, Tonaja (a close friend), and Woz would spy on the cell of Maximus the mad. Scared of the madness they witnessed, the three left the air duct that they were hiding in.

    While the process of Terrigenesis is normally a joyous occasion for the family of the child involved, Telv's mutation was an embarrassment to her family. Her appearance did not change with the exception of the elongation of her hands, and she did not have any apparent manifestation of special powers. Because Tonaja's mutation made opened up a life in the royal guard and Kalikya would be relegated to the dregs of Inhuman society, Tonaja told Kalikya that they could no longer be friends. This hurt Kalikya deeply.

    Later during a human siege on the Inhuman city of Attilan, Kalikya's true powers would manifest. While the circumstances of the discovery of her powers has not been revealed, Kalikya's long slender hands contained the ability to heal injury and illness in those she touched. While humans were attacking Attilan she would be employed on the front line as a healer. Tonaja realized what had actually occurred when Dinu was injured on the front lines of battle and rushed Dinu to Kalikya to be healed. Embarrassed by the way she neglected her once friend Tonaja extended an offer of friendship to Kalikya once more. Still hurt by Tonaja's desertion after her apparent useless mutation in the Terrigen Mists, Kalikya rejected Tonaja's offer by telling her that she did not think so. Rather than an embarrassment of Inhuman society, a pointless mutation, Kalikya had a purpose and an important one at that. Rather than living in the Inhuman ghetto, Kalikya would become a prominent member of society working closely with the royal family.

    Later Kalikya would be used by the royal family to heal Crystal's human husband Quicksilver when he lost his powers during the House of M, although since there was nothing wrong with him she could not undo the change made to him.


    Kalikya's elongated hands and fingers act as a conduit for her healing ability. Using her powers she can heal others. Because of the practical uses of such a power this makes Kalikya an important member of Inhuman society.


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