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    Kalifa is a member of Cipher Pol No. 9, who posed as the secretary of Iceberg. She possesses the power of the Bubble-Bubble Fruit. She is the only female member of CP9.

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    Cafila was first seen as the Secetary for Iceberg that kicked anyone who mocked him. Later she arrested Franky and showed her true colors by being a member of CP9.
      CP9 Agent

    When Califa was seen with the other CP9 members she was given the Awa Awa fruit from her boss to deal with the Straw Hat pirates making sure they wouldn't rescue Nico Robin. Whenever her boss said her name she would say it was sexual harrassment.

     Enies Lobby

    During the attack on the tower she fought against Sanji after he came to himself (he was struck by her looks and they were drinking tea). Sanji almost won but withdrew since he would never strike a women. She turned him into a soap doll and through him down the stairs. Nami later arrived to confront her but she had set a trap on the floor making her legs clean while Califa was taking a bubble bath. Once she got out the bath she used her powers but Nami quickly knew that she is a soap women this upsets Califa making her a bit cocky. She manages use her powers during the battle, however she is defeated by thunder lance tempo in the chest.


     CP9's Personal Report

    Blueno is shown using his Devil fruit's ability, Air Door at Enies Lobby while carrying Lucci. Kalifa and Fukurou is also shown at the back of Blueno. Having been striped naked by Nami to find the No. 2 key, Jyabura has lent her his shirt. She, along with the other CP9 members, walked along what is likely to be the Sea Train's tracks to St. Poplar. She is seen of the cover of chapter 500 to clean the streets with her Awa Awa devil fruit powers. After CP9 payed for Lucci's medical fee's thay use the rest to buy clothes and other essentials, Kalifa is seen with Kumadori reading a book and smoking while others wait for them to return with the shopping. She is then seen smiling as Lucci, having recovered from his injuries, is discharged from the hospital. She is later seen with the team playing bowling, though her superhuman strength resulted in her essentially lauching the bowling balls into the walls.
    Abilities and Powers

     Devil Fruit

    Kalifa's fruit is Awa Awa no Mi (アワアワの実(Bubble Bubble Fruit)).

    However after eating the Devil Fruit and facing Nami, Kalifa was reduced to taking things lightly and was proved that she is not as bright as she was (such as mistaking Monster Chopper for Nami). It was this unfocused and impulsive attitude that led to her defeat at Nami's hands.


    In Water 7, she uses a spiked whip for attacking, climbing tall buildings and for restraining Franky for arrest.

    Fighting Style

    Kalifa also uses a kick-based fighting style, when not using Rokushiki or Awa Awa techniques. Her attack speed is fast enough to leave residual images after striking.


    When we first see Kalifa as Iceburg's secretary, she seemed to be a serious, businesslike woman with a hot temper. She does not like being referred to by her name, considering it sexual harassment. She is, at first, fiercely loyal to Iceburg and is always seen walking around with him.


    During the Enies Lobby arc, Kalifa personality becomes sly and crafty, as she enjoys embarassing her superior, Spandam by accusing him of harassing her. Despite her initial impression of being completely serious and profesional, she became easily flustered while fighting against Nami.


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