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    He is a parademon who once came to Earth to ask Superman's aid in saving his daughter, Buna, from Darkseid's wrath.

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    Dissambiguation: this is the page for New Gods Kalibre.

    For Superboy & the Raver's Kaliber, see Kaliber

    For Suicide Squad's Kaliber see Kaliber.


    Kalibre was an officer assassin from Darkseid's paratroops, a position which he feel proud of,until he was selected as executioner of the members of a troops who failed to stop Superman. Among those soldiers was Buna, Kalibre's daughter. Desperate, he went to earthto ask Superman for help, even if he consider himself unworthy and less than a worm for renouncing to Darkseid's will. Surprised for that initiative from Kalibre, Superman accepts to help him save Buna. This action however lead to Darkseid to freed the Cyborg Superman, who was under Darkseid captivity in that moment. After Buna was spared from death, she was appointed to serve Darkseid. Whatever happened to Kalibre after the salvation of Buna is unknown.


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