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    Asrial's older half-brother and space pirate.

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    Kalen is Asrial's older half-brother. He was born from a union between King Jerka and an unnamed lover. Although Kalen was once a member of the ISC, a falling out between him and his father caused him to leave. Kalen had given information to a Zardon friend. Because Salusia was at war with Zardon, this was seen as treason. Kalen argued that his Zardon friend is a free trader and has no allegians to the Zardon Empire, but to no avail. It was being banished as a traitor or give up his friendship. Kalen then choose to became a space pirate and recipe connoisseur.

    Family Ties

    Kalen has always been very close to his younger half-sister Asrial. He was pivotal in her rescue and escape when she was captured by the Zardonian Princess Leanna. Kalen's role in the intergalactic war between Zardon and Salusia was key in Salusia's victory. Years later Kalen was selected by Asrial to watch over her daughter Kassy.

    Currently Kalen's whereabouts are unknown.


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