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    Faster than a speeding tachyon, more powerful than the gravitational pull of a collapsing star, able to leap from world to world in a single bound! Kal Kent, Superman of the year A.D. 85,350 uses his powers to protect the Solar System at the behest of the Prime Superman!

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    Superman of 853rd Century
    Superman of 853rd Century

    Scion of the Superman Dynasty, the Son of Tomorrow -- invulnerable, unbeatable, a genius to the power of 10 Einstein units. His abilities are bestowed by the light of the System's Super-Sun.

    Due to other alien, meta-human, and other-dimensional beings who have married into the Superman Dynasty over the millenia, Kal Kent has a greater array of powers than the Superman of the 20th Century. He is also granted extra solar energy by the Prime Superman (the being that the first Superman has evolved into by the 853rd Century) so the powers he has are also far greater than those of any previous Superman.

    Story Arcs

    All-Star Superman

    Kal Kent first appears in All-Star Superman issue #2 as a holographic image in Superman's time telescope. He recounts a future battle with the tyrant sun Solaris, foreshadowing Solaris' appearance in issue #11.

    Superman 1,000,000
    Superman 1,000,000

    He next appears in issue #6, arriving at the Kent farm under the alias "Calvin Elder" with Klyzyzk Klzntplkz and the Unknown Superman of 4500 A.D (Superman in disguise). They have traveled through time to capture the Chronovore, a monster that "eats time" and has arrived on Earth to die and spawn. Kal and his companions are eventually discovered by Superman while waiting for the Chronovore to appear. Kal Kent reveals that he is a future member of the Superman Squad, an organization composed of his descendants whom protect space-time. He unsuccessfully tries to prevent Superman from engaging the monster, since Jonathan Kent has a heart attack while Superman tries to subdue the Chronovore. The Superman Squad attend Johnathan's funeral. Before the Squad leaves for 853,500 A.D., Kal introduces Clark to the leader of the Superman Squad, in reality his far future self. Chronologically this is Kal's first appearance in All-Star Superman: issue #6 takes place before Superman leaves the Kent farm for Metropolis and before Clark becomes a journalist.

    Powers & Weakness:

    Kal Kent - telepathy
    Kal Kent - telepathy

    Kal Kent possesses greater array of powers beyond any other Kryptonian except Prime Superman(the founder of Superman Dynasty) and a Brainiac twelfth level intellect. He displays telepathy and is alluded to possess 5th-dimensional vision. The completely new senses entered his bloodline when the Superman of the 67th century married Gzntplzk, the Queen of the 5th Dimension. His only weakness is that he only maintains these powers under the light of the Super-Sun at the heart of the system. Beyond the system, his powers wane within days.

    Individual powers he has displayed include

    • Super Strength - Even in a weakened state, Kal once punched through time itself, although he used Steel's Chronal Engine as a medium, so it is implied he could not do this unaided. Regardless, when charged by the Super Sun, Kal is easily one of the strongest beings to ever exist. The Hyperbolic tagline he relates to Superman claims he can leap from world to world in a single bound, and indeed, while weakened in the past, he leaped from Earth to the Moon having already lost his powers of flight.
    • Super-ESP - Assisting Superman in quelling a prison riot while visiting the past, Kal used raindrops he generated (seemingly through friction of his hands) to hypnotize the rioters. He later attempts to do something similar using what he calls a "Sublim-level Hypno-Vibration."
    • Super Speed Of Thought - Under the Super Sun Kal is capable of several billion calculations simultaneously.
    • Super Breath - Kal can super compress material in his lungs and blow it will great force, once blowing out Firestorm's nuclear powered hair. He has previously stated that he could snuff out a red giant star. (This could be hyperbole).
    • Flight - Kal appears to have complete control over gravity's affect on his body, so much so that when his powers started to wain in the past, he was surprised to feel a slight tug before realizing that gravity was beginning to affect him.
    • Force Vision - Generating an energy field from his eyes, Superman can create force fields powerful enough to contain massive explosions; slightly weakened in the past, he once contained a one megaton blast. Back in his own era, he assisted Kyle Rayner in containing a Supernova event.
    • Invulnerability - Kal is impervious to harm and unaffected by the elements. When his powers were failing in the past, he remarked that he had never before noticed the cold.
    • Electromagnetic Pulse - Kal can generate a localized electromagnetic pulse capable of knocking out nearby electronics.
    • Techno-Rapport - Kal can communicate with computerized devices; he was able to learn a security code for a door in Lex Luthor's compound using this ability.
    • Super-TK - Superman can mentally manipulate objects using a form of telekinesis. The Batman of his era refers to this power has Kal's means of reprogramming the JLA teleporters when the Justice Legion Alpha infiltrates the Watchtower.
    • Super Hearing - Kal once heard J'onn J'onzz talking on Mars while containing a supernova with Kyle Rayner. This was in space, somewhere in the inner Solar System.

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