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Kakistos is an extremely old vampire with Greek origins. He was especially sadistic during his time, with extremely harsh tactics towards his prey. Unlike most vampires, instead of killing or feeding on his prey, he preferred to drive the women insane, so there minds snapped, with the women becoming maenads.
He once had his maenads destroy a village where Artemia, the slayer resided. While she was away, her husband and daughter stayed in the village, her husband was ultimately killed while her daughter stayed hidden. Following Kakistos orders the slayer and her daughter were captured. With her daughters mind slipping, the daughter ultimately made a deal with a vengence demon, which destroyed the Maenads.With her daughter a vengence demon, she almost granted  Artemias dieing wish, of vengeance on Kakistos.

World War I

At some unknown point in time Kakistos became the leader of the Cult of Antemorh, which had been previously destroyed by Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce's father.During the war Kakistos would resurface to offer his aid to Kaiser Wilheim II, he reformed the cult, placing Crixus as his lieutenant. He began his tactic of ordering his forces dropped from helicopters on ground forces who would then feed and turn the humans. Eventually Geoffry Wyndam-Pryce  began a alliance with the vampire, Angel, to eliminate Kakistos interference in the war. Following this he retreats to the Louisiana Bayou, where he meets Spike and Drusilla giving the vampire couple permission to hunt down a potential slayer in the swamp.


 In the 90's Kakisto had moved to Boston, where he learns of the new vampire slayer Faith, to force her into a confronation Kakistos has her watcher kidnapped. After Faith is lured into Kakistos lair, he prompty rips her watcher in half, before capturing the Slayer, she soon escapes from Kakistos driving a axe into his face, leaving a scar that despite his age would not heal.
Following this Kakistos sword revenge on the Slayer,  following her to the California town of Sunnydale, with his horde of minions. But to his surprise, there was another Slayer in Sunnydale, Buffy Summers who assisted Faith in battle with him. During the battle, Faith overcomes her fear of Kakistos staking him with a two by four, ending the ancient vampire for good.


Kakistos was an incredibility old vampire, like The Master himself he had started to move past human features, like other vampires. Unlike him however his hands and feet had become cloven, but he still possessed incredibible strength,speed, and reflexes vastly superior to normal vampires.
Kakistos was unique as well, in that anyone he had branded with his mark, he could track. And also that it took a larger amount of wood to dust him,

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