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The girl

Just starting his summer vacation Kakeru thought it be another uneventful one. Was he in for a surprise when he was visited by a beautiful girl. Thinking it was a dream or something he tried to ignore her pleads for him to help them. Until she combined her astral projection powers with her telepathy to show him she was serious by posses his body for a moment. Listening to the girl (which was Ayano) he goes to meet her friends and they then stay with him for the night (because they were homeless). 

Indoor Types vs. Wild Types

The next day they head to Yokohama to find their lost psychic friend Kaito. At first kaito refuses to join them do to the fact that was now a leader of a gang in that town now. Kakeru was told to stay put as Xiao Long and Ayano try to find Kaito and change his mind. 
While waiting a psychic named Maya Kasuga challenges Kakeru to a psychic battle to the death. While Kakeru runs away from her illusions of a city of zombies he tricks her into thinking he is much more powerful and will most likely beat her. This poses no porblem for Maya and she likes the challenge and begins to make her illuions start to actually hurt him by tricking his brain into thinking he was feeling real pain. Good thing for Kakeru a freak accident occurs and a pet aquarium's giant fish tank breaks and floods the streets. Causing Maya to break her concentration making her illusions fade away and Kakeru make a clean break. 
Running to where his friends were supposed to be going he finds Ayano bloody and bruised on the ground. Ayano warns him to esape. But he couldn't, Kaito the fiery one was just getting beat by an old friend of his named Sho when Kakeru had arrived. Sho sets his sites on Kakeru, but Kakeru is smart and tricks Sho into not being able to teleport them away, with Kaito's fire power assisting Sho is sent telepoting for the hills.  

Love Triangle

Ayano and Maya Kasuga end up falling for Kakeru. At first Ayano is unsure of what her feelings mean, but then understands her crush. Maya is so bold as to leave Greenhouse to join Kakeru in his battle with his companions.

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