Character » Kaizen-X appears in 3 issues.

    Post-apocalyptic tyrant. Illegitimate son of Gamorrah's dictator.

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    An unwanted progeny of the late overlord Kaizen of Clan Gamorra. X's mother was a varlet whom was quickly abandoned at the dawn of his birth by the ruling father. But by sheer force of will the Kaizen Son would grow and flourish in the slums of the misbegotten place he was left to die in. Through cutthroat tactics he'd turned the ghettoes that would become his kingdom into a home from which he ruled undisputed. Seeking to pull his hated patriarch's kingdom out from under him, Kaizen X led secret raids and operated under theft & murder to acquire cutting edge Gamorra tech to aid in his own mad quest to depose the lord of Gamorra.


    Major Story Arc's

    World's End

    Having establish a viable powerbase in Gamorra's slums, he would turn his attentions to building up more facilities and resources by stealing from his father's technical facilities through subterfuge and/or theft. Until the world exploded due to the Reaper Initiative taking the whole world by storm. Seeing new opportunity, Kaizen X would instead take to conquering the wasteland that'd become of the world instead.

    Taking and putting the technology stolen from his homeland to use in gathering, arming and training a new army through which he would subjugate the whole of the dead earthlands until there was nothing left.

    To keep his facilities well fed and stocked with fresh soldiers. He and his minions would lead a ruthless traversal tax where Kaizen's men would demand steep tributes to fuel the would-be dictators growing legion. Either taking resources and/or children whom harsh drill instructors in X's court would train into murderous pages loyal only to him. On one such raid, which Kaizen X would attend personally, he and his men would encounter Gen 13 during a raid on Pathcutter's nomadic exploit.

    Powers & Abilities

    Weapons & Equipment


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